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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Are Donald Trump And The Nigerian Prince One In The Same?

by Noah

Might as well be but Traitor Don has the Nigerian Prince beat. Remember those Nigerian Prince emails? Do you still get them? Some con artist, supposedly in Nigeria, needs your help in freeing up some cash or doing wonderful deeds for the world. All he asks is that you front him money or help him use your bank account or credit card in some way. There are variations on the theme but all promise the suckers that they'll be rewarded with a bigly payday if they just invest a little of their cash to get things rolling. Instead they find regular monthly amounts of cash being siphoned out of their bank accounts. Hundreds of people are copying the "Nigerian Prince" now, most infamously Donald Trump and, by extension, the Republican Party. They usually begin their emails with terms of endearment. They beg. They plead. Many of them do it in broken English but these things must be successful often enough to encourage more of the same. Mine automatically go directly to my spam box.

Except for those I get from Trump's so-called "Save America Pac." They are the current equivalent of the traditional "Nigerian Prince" scam.. They come, multiple times per day, right to my regular email. I could report them as the spam they are but they amuse me and keep me abreast of the goings on in the Republican Mind Hive. The ones I get from the RNC are the same. They always begin with "Dear Patriot," "Dear Fellow Real American" or something similar. I suspect some goon like Don Jr., Paul Ryan, Gym Jordan or other typical Republican Party verbal fart machine writes them. They may be signed by Traitor Don but they're slightly too articulate to be written by him. No doubt, he babbles on about what he wants them to say and someone with a 3rd grade education and a 55 IQ cleans them up just a bit and sends them on to the lucky recipient.

So that's what we have. Nigerian Prince or Fraud King Supremo. Call him what you want but definitely do not send him any cash or take a check from him. He's harmed you enough already. Oh, and there's a new wrinkle with the Trump version. Apparently, "Be sure to use language that incites violence" is the order of the day.



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