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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Another Trump Trial Is Almost Over. Now What About America? 

by Noah

Among the several Trump emails I received Tuesday were one that opened with a picture of America's #1 Domestic Terrorist saying, "Give me liberty or give me death," and one that said, "Biden's DOJ was authorized to shoot me." One of Traitor Trump's sons sent one that whined, "They're trying to bury my father!" What's next? "Come and get me copper!" How about, "You'll never take me alive!" Damn, I wish he'd taken the stand to testify. No telling what he might have said. I know it would have been even more loony than his rambling daily briefings outside the courtroom.

For months, I've been getting emails from The Trump Family Of Traitors that carry a "Never Surrender" theme. All of them, every stinking, reeking one, include the famous "Mugshot" picture. The built in incongruity with that is, of course, when you surrender, they take a mugshot, so... These have invariably come with an offer to buy a Trump Mugshot T-shirt or, better yet, a Trump Mugshot Coffee Mug. I guess that the latter will soon come with a coupon for some of Rudy Giuliani's new line of coffees, but, the really noticeable thing is that, in the past week, as the current trial has neared its end, the emails have turned darker. I'm ok with that, more than ok, especially if the jury comes in with a guilty on all charges verdict. Sure, there will be appeals and all that. Civil unrest? That will happen no matter what. If Traitor Don is acquitted, you'll see thousands of Republicans overturning cars and firing their automatic weaponry in the air like a bunch of crazed Iranians. Same deal if he's rightfully found guilty. So much winning.

So, would I want someone to offer me a chance to own a "Trump Found Guilty" coffee mug? You bet! Make it a "Trump Executed For Treason!" mug and I'll buy a literal truckload and set up a stand on the corner. I'll make a fortune and donate it all to animal charities. I've given up on humans.


Meanwhile, I'd love to see Trump doing something like this on a mug or t-shirt- 


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23 may

If you want that "trump executed for treason" mug, you'll first have to elect an actual party that with some nads to actually prosecute him for it. Somehow, that fact is always omitted from such fantasies.

Me gusta

23 may

It’s never mentioned that the Orange Menace does NOT own the rights to the mug shot that he is making so much money off of. The sheriff’s department in Georgia owns it. They should sue him. Yeah right.

Me gusta
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