Midnight Meme Of The Day! Another Measure Of How Insane Republicans Are!

by Noah

The GOP's sanity-challenged adoration of Trump is continuing to manifest itself in very peculiar ways! And, now, we have Trump Burger! Breathtaking, isn't it? Yes, this place really exists. I didn't make it up. Trump Burger exists in Bellville, Texas. Texas, folks. What else would you expect from a hellhole nut state like Texas? They're not even a bit embarrassed! I would have expected a Trump Whorehouse in Nevada, or a Trump Grab 'em By The Pussy lingerie chain, but this? How about a business named after Trump that delivers a giant creosote-soaked wooden cross, ready for burning, to any minority's lawn you chose? Don't think the RNC hasn't thought of that one already!

I'm just guessing that visitors to this burger emporium can select a "Shoot Your Own Burger" menu option where they get to go out back and shoot a steer with an AR-15. I do know that Trump Burger really does sell a "Trump Tower Burger" which is a 16-Ounce burger served with "Trump Sauce" which I assume is orange not red.

Hopefully Trump Burger will quickly have the same fate as Trump Wine, Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, and Trump University, except, no, this business is not a Trump owned business just a Trump inspired business. Think of the endless possibilities! This country has sunk this low but when you get to the point that some wacko creates a Trump Burger... Well, we're now in freefall.