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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Announcing GOP Hyena Pride Day!

by Noah

If you ever need to ask yourself whether House Minority Leader Kevin Q. McCarthy supports Colorado's beloved Lauren Boebert and backwoods Georgia's Moonshine Marjorie Traitor Greene, just ask yourself why he decided that his two favorite hyenas should sit together for Tuesday's State Of The Union speech. In sympathy, I know it must have been hard for him to pick two laughing braying hyenas out of a whole party of nothing but non-stop laughing braying hyenas, but, for whatever reason, he made his choice. My guess is that he chose Boebert and Traitor Greene because, after Dear Leader Donnie, these two really are the current most popular politicians with Republican voters. Sad but true!

So, it's obvious. The Domestic Terror Party has decided to embrace yet another of the prominent characteristics of its members. Every day more than five Republicans, also known as a clan or klan, gather together in one room will, henceforward, be known as Hyena Pride Day. National holidays will now feature Hyena Pride Boat and Truck parades in every red state, complete with Hyena Pride flags, t-shirts, and plenty of red meat sloganeering by Hyena Pride Day speakers such as Rand Paul, Tucker Carlson, and "Ted" Cruz! Wait 'till you hear the Hyena Pride Cheer! Who will clean up after them is anybody's guess.

Parting Shot: Imagine yourself flying across the country in the middle seat on a plane with these two on either side of you. What would you do?

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