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Midnight Meme Of The Day! America On Suicide Watch

by Noah

I wouldn't be so foolish as to hold out any hope that Donnie Traitor will ever really go to jail. Sure, it would be nice to be proven wrong. I've heard all the news about Grand Juries and the DOJ doing "something" but I've seen a lifetime of the Muellers, the Jaworskis, and the Warren Commisions. All of them sold us out. All of them sold out this country. For what reward, we'll never know. Us? We got the usual crumbs and continued coverups. Predict and expect the worst from the big machine and you'll never be disappointed. No, I'm not a cynic. I'm a hardcore realist. My own mother once observed that by age 5 I had the sharpest bullshit detector she had ever witnessed. I was born with the gift.

I have long had the thought that one logistical problem pertaining putting Donnie Traitor in jail just like his peers John Gotti or El Chapo is that ex-presidents, traitors or not, get Secret Service protection for life so it would be nice if some of his co-conspiring supporters in that once esteemed organization went with him into the same cell but that's all moot. Well before 1/6 I stated that even if Donnie Traitor was ever actually tried and convicted of being the traitor that he is, the appeals process would keep him out of jail until he's 90, if he makes it that long. Still, in a better world, that would be something to realistically hope for but only in that better world. It's just that that world is not the world we live in. Maybe that's why I've always been a science fiction fan and a bigly fan of revenge movies.

It's more likely that Donnie Traitor will meet some sort of modified justice in the form of being tied up in money-draining civil suits, particularly from all the many police officers, not to mention congressional staffers who are now suing him due to the injuries both mental and physical that they incurred on 1/6 at Donnie Traitor's direction but, of course, there's a lengthy appeals process involved there, too. That's one reason why he and the Republican National Committee (I receive their grifting emails) have put his grifting efforts into a massive overdrive and he's taking in millions in cash from his sucker supporters, Saudis and who knows where else. Russians? American CEOs? Drug cartels? All of the above, no doubt. Face it, there's no end to the idiots, dolts and lowlifes at various levels of this society who will send something his way. The only solace is that he might just end up being a defendant for the rest of his days and have to deal with that, as will we. Maybe we just get to see him mentally deteriorate more and more as the months and years go on. He's practically nothing but a babbling, blithering ball of orange puss now as it is.

Funny thing is, We now know that Trump actually did want to storm the Capitol Building himself. His "And I'll be there with you" was not just rhetoric. I guess he wanted to put the rope around Pence's neck himself too. Probably wanted to take Pelosi and some others out to Constitution Avenue and shoot them himself. He knows he'd have had the support of over 70 million Republican voters if he did that. He acknowledged that long ago and he was correct. Does that make him better or worse than his like minded brethren that he shares tonight's meme with? Hardly matters when you made that list.

But let me end on a cheery note: Most Republicans and their nazi brethren in America's korporate boardrooms are all for four more years of America's #1 domestic terrorist leader. Nearly every single one of the 74,000,000 Trump voters would happily vote for the guy who told them to inject Lysol into their veins a third time. Do you doubt that? Really? I'll just ask you this: How many of them have indicated anything to the contrary? That goes from the GOP leadership on down to that wacko across the street with the Confederate, Nazi, and Trump flags on his lawn. Our society is truly suicidal.

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