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Midnight Meme Of The Day! America Coddles The Devil At Its Crossroads

by Noah Here's a thought: How about we indict him, convict him, and execute him for being a traitor. You know, like we used to in the old days when the politicians of both parties, instead of fighting to preserve the sick status quo, each in their own way, had morals, guts, and a sense of righteousness. Do it all live on Pay-Per-View and use the money gained for a war on hunger, for real education, the search for cancer cures, and, oh yeah, for a nice little touch of irony, use some of it to continue improving our border security. The mixed feelings among Republicans about that last one would be lovely to watch. Instead, we not only have lawless complicit politicians, we have a complicit media who are indulging him and normalizing his behavior by treating him like a legitimate, qualified candidate instead of a traitor and enemy of every ideal America pretends to uphold.


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