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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Agent Moscow Mitch At The Service Of Our Adversaries!

by Noah

The problems with the so-called Supreme Court didn't start with Putin's favorite $enator, but Mitch McConnell has blatantly dedicated himself to accelerating them in recent years. Hey, could it be because of all that Russian money he gets and doles out to his fellow travelers in the $enate? This isn't just about Trump, folks. Trump and his master back in the Kremlin have always had a staunch ally in the traitor from Kentucky. And don't give me that shit about Moscow Mitch and Trump being at odds. McConnell had two golden opportunities to get rid of his partner and didn't. I've been around long enough to know that, no matter what the act is, all that matters is the bottom line and the bottom line is that our adversaries in Russia, China, and North Korea are very happy with Mitch McConnell's efforts to weaken this country just as they are with Trump's. Mission Accomplished, Mitch. Your medals are on the way.

The joke of our immediate times is that the so-called Supreme Court and those who have destroyed its meaning and purpose are now decrying the fact that it has come to be perceived as an illegitimate home for partisan hackery just like the rest of Washington. As if the Bush v. Gore ruling hadn't already shown us that the court operates according to its political biases, 21 years later, the court has proven that its capacity for irrational lunacy and thuggish knuckle dragging is equal to what we saw with the Trump White House and still see with both houses of Congress. After Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett, we are now on a sped up trajectory that will lead to freaks like Marjorie Traitor Greene, "Ted" Cruz, Susan Collins, and maybe even Donald Trump himself being nominated and confirmed for a position on the court. If not them, then it will be people very much like them. You know the names. The pool of treacherous republican nazis is very, very crowded and very, very deep. They are coming just as sure as we know that McConnell will continue to stretch the boundaries of acceptability and credibility.

Meanwhile, no one seems to want to exhibit a profile in courage or patriotism and fix what is now a fatal flaw. I know, shocking, isn't it.

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