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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Trump Knows The "Best Judges" And How Much They Cost

by Noah

Since the "Supreme" Court's nefarious anti-choice Dobbs decision which is and was literally designed to oppress American women, overburden hospital ER rooms, and even just plain kill American women, I have seen people wearing t-shirts that say "Abort The Court." Since the Roberts Court has defiantly and proudly already branded itself as completely and utterly corrupt, that's not a disagreeable sentiment to me, but now it seems that we need to address the latest social and moral atrocity of the John Roberts-led court... so how about starting with a t-shirt that says, "Arrest The Court," you know, as in "Arrest The Court" for treason since they seem to be doing everything they can to protect and elect their idol, GOP Dear Leader and Putin lieutenant to a "President For Life" American dictatorship. American Dictatorship: The stuff of Republican dreams. I can see that in the emails I get from them several times a day and I can see that just by turning on FOX "News" at night. Obviously, none of the traitors have a problem with their boy having sent a mob to hang VP Pence or Speaker Pelosi back on 1/6. And don't ask yourself how the 74,000,000 traitor adjacents would vote for Traitor Don this fall if a bloodied and beaten Mike Pence had actually swung from that gallows the Red Hats set up outside the Capitol Building and Nancy Pelosi or AOC or whoever had been found bludgeoned to death in their offices. The answer may be too bleak for you. As if a couple of dead cops and dozens more maimed wasn't enough.

T-shirts just ain't gonna do it, though, so what else you gonna do about it? Right now, voter turnout is the only answer, imperfect as it is. I mean, the current "justices" didn't get their positions all by themselves, right Mr. President? And, let's not forget that, more recently, Chucky Schumer fast tracked Roberts right into the Chief Justice Chair. It's a shame that chair isn't electrified but yeah, since we already know that Roberts isn't exactly a fan of letting "ordinary Americans" have voting rights, let alone dominion over their own bodies, and since we know these authoritarian nazi assclowns are getting paid off by billionaire Hitler-worshipping asswipes, turnout is the only legal alternative; make that "legal, for now." Pay attention. In other words, this year is likely the last chance the great American experiment in democracy or at least something containing some attributes of democracy has. Forget "survival of the fittest," how about survival of those who pay attention.


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And this just in: The nazi court has declared that der pumpkinfuhrer cannot be removed from state ballots, in clear violation of the 14th amendment TO THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION!!

Now, if you all would elect a party that was not servile to money (ONLY!) and would support and defend that constitution, as they all vow to do when they are sworn in, maybe we wouldn't have 5 or 6 of the nazis that currently darken the remnants of the republic. Don't forget that your hero, biden, greased the skids for thomas and democraps joined nazis to confirm everyone else, including the particularly odious kkkavanaugh, alito and barrett.

We didn't get here because 75 million american nazis won. We got her…


You nailed it Noah. Unfortunately. The court is making a mockery of the Constitution, which is supposed to protect us from tyranny. The New York Times is also supporting TFG in its way. Maureen Dowd’s editorial yesterday also undermines Biden. Stop supporting the republicans ageism. 1930s Germany is here. Let’s hope the election ends differently.


" O great truthteller and font of wisdom" is too busy sitting in his bathrobe at his computer bitching all day about everyone else and pointing his fingers to tell us. It might even be that he's not let out into the world to go vote.

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