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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Suitable Gift For Any Republican!

by Noah

Look at that! Kind of a conceptual art piece! The ship is there only in your mind!

I used to assemble Revell kits as a kid but this one looks like it's a perfect gift for that crazy Republican uncle you and your family may be plagued with. You know, the whacked out GOP simp who prides himself on being one of the 70,000,000+ who eagerly voted for Putin's guy and now provides endless cringeworthy Russo-Republican insanity at family get-togethers! All those Trump supporters have been so delusional that they'll probably look at the box and actually think they see their cherished Russian Battle Cruiser Moskva when all any normal people will see is the Black Sea graveyard of the ship that was the pride of the Russian navy and the flagship of their Black Sea fleet. Now, thanks to a couple of Ukraine missiles, the Moskova sleeps with the fishes.

When you present your gift to your uncle, tell him that the kit is a personal gift from his idols Three-Toed Marjorie Traitor Greene and Kremlin Kevin McCarthy. He'll be so over the moon with excitement that his head will be up his own ass to the shoulders along with his full complement of anti-COVID light bulbs!

Be sure to include two tubes of glue for his modeling sessions, one for each nostril. Order today! Better hurry. Limited to 70,000,000.

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