• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Startling New Revelation About The Bible!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

So, "No White People In The Bible." That must be mighty disturbing in GOP circles! How subversive! I'll just go ahead and invoke my personal freedom to assume, based on all available evidence, of course, that any Christonut Republican who encounters the sentiment shown in tonight's meme suffers, at the very least, a mild twinge of conflict upon seeing it. In fact, I bet you a lot of them might just start screaming about "Critical Race Theory" being pushed in the Bible. I mean, if Republicans get all upset about pictures of black kids in school math books, think what the thought of all those people in the Bible not being of the caucasian persuasion must do to them! Think of the massive consternation!

I wouldn't be shocked at this point if those Nazis at the CPAC confab being held right now in their beloved Hungary of dictator Viktor Orban are devoting a meeting to a discussion of rewriting the Bible into a "sanitized" series of all white graphic novels. Meanwhile some group of GOP goons in some god-forsaken hellhole like Florida, Alabama, or Texas is already wondering if there should at least be a banning of the Bible in every hotel room in the country until the new "cleaned up" GOP version is made available, with a forward by Franklin Graham, of course. Call it the King Donald version.