• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Nation Of April Fools

by Noah

It didn't have to be this way.

For those few people in the world who aren't aware, tonight's meme references a classic Twilight Zone episode where a man (played by William Shatner) becomes totally obsessed with a fortune telling machine he and his new bride happen upon in a small town cafe. However, in this case, Mr. Shatner's character is asking the right question.

After all of the deliberate psychotic homicidal delays of the previous administration, plans are up and running well and shots are getting in arms, additional vaccine doses are being manufactured and purchased by a new administration that is rightly treating COVID-19 as a war enemy and not a hoax or cause for lies and the sickest low levels of politics. After over a year, we are all impatient but sensible people are still protecting themselves; protecting themselves with the aid of the nefarious "big government" instead of the one that summoned every bit of evil that it could and called the death, human misery, and financial ruin brought on by the plague a hoax and willfully ignored it as the refrigeration trucks filled up with corpses. Any accurate documentary of the Trump years will be a horror film that would do author Stephen King proud.

The biggest problem now is that the delays of last year have given the inevitable and easily forecast resistant variants time to get a foothold as have the actions of nihilistic nazi death cult governors who have not only ended mask mandates but refused to implement them in the first place. They've even encouraged mask burnings, and opened their states wide to welcome in more illness. Encouraged by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Rangers baseball club is holding full-occupancy super-spreader home games at 40,000 attendees a clip. It's deja vu all over again. For those who have not just ignored the danger but enabled it, 2 waves just weren't enough, not even 3. 4, or more are what they hope for now and the signs are that that is on the way. The idiots know the history and they eagerly repeat it. This is not ignorance or even politics. What it is is the psychopathology of a death cult. That's the Republican Party 2021. As for the citizens who have heard what they wanted to hear and have naively dropped their guard... well, people will just never learn. They just aren't smart enough or are ruled by their emotions.

April is here, again. In fact, today we are halfway through it. 'Tis a whole new season of pollen and spores. Call it Virus Roulette.