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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Death Cult Depicted On A Map

by Noah Here we are, the results of last Tuesday's California recall vote in nice map form. Those areas where people voted for the self-hating crackpot conservative extremist and unholy Trump worshipper named Larry Elder over current Governor Gavin Newsom are depicted in blue on the map to the left. The map on the right shows where California's anti-vaxxer pro-COVID death cult supporters are in the majority and COVID cases are exploding. Not surprisingly, the two maps closely correspond. The pro-Elder and pro-COVID areas also closely correspond to the areas where voters chose Trump over Biden last fall. One irony, just one of several in these graphic death cult depictions, is that republicans will willfully go to their self-inflicted deaths claiming they are pro-life. Far be it for me to try to stop their grim rush to the white light. I'd like to be able to, if only on behalf of the innocents they are determined to take along to their deaths with them but I wouldn't try to stop a suicidal slice of lemmings from going over a cliff. Conservatives will always adhere to the negative. Want more? See below. This is the COVID cases per capita map of the U.S.A. updated on the 19th of this month. The darker the coloring, the worse things are. Republican governance at work! Congratulations, Republicans!

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