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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Chair Fit For A Trump

by Noah

Has Traitor Don been indicted yet? Maybe by the time you read this, he has. But, if he has, it means little to me. Indictment is only a tick on the clock face of justice. Our so-called justice people shouldn't think they can satisfy the need for justice with just an indictment or 2, or 3. Only shackles, chains, trials, and convictions will do. Why? Because Donald John Trump has done more damage to this country than Benedict Arnold even ever thought to do, and he fled and got away with it. An even better and much more recent example of someone betraying this country is the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. They, too, worked for Russia. They got the chair and got zapped with the full righteous power that was required then as it is now.

Like Trump, the Rosenbergs stole some secrets. They gave them to Russia. So far, we don't know what Trump has done with the secrets he stole. Maybe some in our intelligence community know. Maybe Joe Biden knows, but we don't. The Rosenbergs didn't, however, attempt to overthrow the government and establish a dictatorship like some Bolivian or Cambodian madman. Nor did the Rosenbergs convince millions in their country to let down their guard against a killer virus. They also weren't the kind of raving psychotics who went around telling people to inject themselves with lysol and drink glasses of Clorox or inspire people to commit violence against minorities. That's just a small measure of how bad Donald John Trump is and how much he deserves to fry in his own fat.

So, yeah. Make America Great Again.

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