Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Chain Of Gun Stores Is Heard From!

by Noah

In case you were wondering how some Texans celebrated Memorial Day Weekend, this sign (above) appeared out front of the Defiant Arms Gun Store location in Haltom City, Texas a mere 3 days after the mass murder shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Being Defiant is a rung up from tonedeaf. The same sign still appears on their website, at least as of Sunday afternoon, June 5th, when I am writing this. It appears with additional "inspirational" text as follows:

We've been open at our Haltom City location for 1 year this month! Come see us Memorial Day Weekend for our First Anniversary Sale event! Friday 5/27/22 and Saturday 5/28/22, 10 am to 6 pm. Lots of great deals and free goodies!

No. This is not a sick attempt at parody. The Defiant Arms (The name says a lot) website indicates a full range of products and says they even do manufacturing. No indication that they make small caskets, but I would not be surprised if they would. To the kind of people that would do what these slithering scum would do right after the Uvalde horror, it would just be another profit stream. I'm guessing that, after the next school shooting, Defiant Arms will be organizing Gun Parades with NRA flags, Trump flags, and Confederate and Texas flags, too. Why not throw in a couple of ISIS banners? They'll fit right in. "Ted" Cruz and Louie Gohmert will be parade cheerleaders and give speeches of course.

Haltom City is a suburban town of 46,000 "very fine people" in the Dallas Fort Worth area.