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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Bad Guy With A Gun

by Noah

Again. The faces of the little kids that were murdered in Uvalde last week were so mutilated by bullets that they could not be identified until their parents gave DNA samples and descriptions of what their kids were wearing when they sent them off to school that morning. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott's solution is, again, the trite "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." That's it, along with the "thoughts and prayers" mantra, of course. He doesn't even seem to realize that his fellow right wing vermin are now chanting an obviously equally insincere "Horrific and Heartbreaking" instead.

"A good guy with a gun." There were 19 good guys with guns at that school. Ironically sick isn't it. 19 good guys. 19 dead kids. Greg Abbott even had the gall to say it could have been worse. Tell that to the families. Fuck you Greg Abbott. Ditto anyone who ever voted for you. And there you are, posing with the biggest gun in the store. You haven't stopped the mayhem, you've increased it exponentially.

On Saturday, the now disgraced Greg Abbott reluctantly chose to not make his scheduled appearance at the big NRA gun cult meeting in Houston. Instead, he went to Uvalde to "console" the people of the town, the people whose lives he has done so much to destroy. His appearance at the scene of the crime was the ultimate in hypocrisy. To make extra sure we saw how evil he is, Greg Abbott had a vehemently pro-gun taped video of himself playing at the NRA party at the exact same time he was in Uvalde pretending to give a damn. He did this the day after spending a whole press conference lying about the cowardly police response and praising it. It was all a classic case of Republican governance. The whole horrific event was.


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