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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah It's obvious that the Moscow Mitch-led Trump 43 are traitors but there are details in that fact that are being ignored by too many of us to the detriment of this country. That the Trump 43 are traitors to the professed lofty ideas and ideals of America is a given. The Trump 43 smugly and proudly voted to acquit their jesus in order to double down on who they are and what their party is and has been working towards since they chose Nixon as their standard bearer. Simply calling these 43 members of the Domestic Terrorist Party traitors is not enough. It's true but it's superficial. The Trump 43 were not just voting to acquit Trump for unleashing his terror goons and attempting to overthrow the United States of America. That was part of their shared agenda but only a part. We must point out and never forget that they were doubling down on the agenda of fascism and white nationalism that they share with him. Within the assault on the Capitol Building by a bunch of MAGA hat and Camp Auschwitz shirt-wearing goons was an assault on the very idea of multiculturalism (and more) in America, and that assault is something that the Trump 43. including, mega-bizarrely, Tim Scott, have decided to stand and support. There are way, way too many people in the $enate, in the media, and in the voting public who would let the fact that Trump and the Trump 43 are traitors slowly fade from our attention. Such people would have us "move on." They will even try to tell us, over and over again, that these Trump 43 include many "very fine people" among their number. However: 1. "Very fine people" do not ally themselves with the "Jews will not replace us" crowd, not ever and not repeatedly. 2. "Very fine people" do not tolerate police officers being beaten with flag poles that carry the American flag. 3. "Very fine people" do not tolerate their beloved political base killing police officers or gouging their eyes, breaking their bones or bashing in their heads with fire extinguishers. 4. "Very fine people" do not tolerate police officers of color being subject to 5 hours let alone 5 seconds of maximum intensity verbal N-word laced racial abuse along with the physical abuse all of the officers were subjected to. 5. "Very fine people" do not tolerate their voters rubbing their feces on the walls and peeing in the corners of the Capitol Building and finding amusement in the fact that the maintenance staff is non-white. 6. "Very fine people" do not tolerate the Confederate flag of racial hate, oppression and treason being paraded through the Capitol Building in support of Trump or anyone else. 7. "Very fine people" do not use their vote to deny the fact that their Dear Leader is the most hideous, all-encompassing domestic abuser this nation has ever seen and then go deny it like a wife beater. Trump and the Trump 43 are the heinous husbands who try to convince everyone that what they saw and heard "never happened." 8. "Very fine people" do not hang on every word that is spewed out by a madman in Mar-a-Lago and make it a key aspect of their religious doctrine. 9. "Very fine people" do not look for ways to prove that a man really could shoot people in the middle of the street and get away with it. These Trump 43 "very fine people" can say what they want and they are saying it. Most, along with their voters and media allies, are still practically saying 1/6 never happened and they always will say it. Many of these "very fine people" will always say it was ANTIFA or someone else, anyone but their own mob of personal goons. They can say all sorts of things after their votes like McConnell and Portman have but their words are beyond meaningless. Their words are an evil, cynical farce. Only their actions matter and their vote was one Hell of an action! This country needs a massive court injunction with real teeth to keep all of these people away from us. They need to be removed from political discourse. We won't get that injunction because those in charge are too "nice" and too naive and we all know how court injunctions are usually no real protection from such sociopaths anyway. Sooner or later, the abuser kills the abused. That's where ignoring the danger of these Trump 43 and their kind will lead us. A Postscript: Don't be fooled by Republicans like Mitt Romney just because they voted to convict their party's Dear Leader. You are the gang you hang out with. I laugh when the media calls people like Susan Kavanaugh Collins and Mitt "No Free Stuff" Romney "moderates." Do they really want us to buy into the idea that there are such things as "moderate" psychos, and "moderate Nazis? (That's a rhetorical question, by the way.) Romney is just cynically positioning himself for a run in 2024 as is the fraud from South Carolina who goes by the name of Nikki Haley who has suddenly changed her tune. A 2nd Postscript: OJ was acquitted, too.

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