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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Happy Valentine's Day!

It would be a better world, a wonderful world if people who voted for Trump couldn't get a date. The fewer of the hetero ones that couldn't, the better. It would cut down on them reproducing. But I'm an equality guy so, really, the more Trump voters of any orientation that live the lonely life they deserve the better.

I love it that, even early on in the Trump years, the young people that worked in the White House would go into the pick-up bars of Georgetown and find that "I work in the White House" was a real conversation stopper. Sadly, the idiots often complained that they didn't understand why people were so cold to them. They started lying about where they worked and for whom.

Now, we hear that they're having problems landing a new job. I know if I was interviewing a prospective employee, "worked in the Trump White House" would end the interview very quickly. So, if employers don't check the past of the interviewee thoroughly, god knows what will infiltrate their business. Some racist asshole that worked for Stephen Miller? Some fake facts asshole that worked for Kellyanne Conway? Maybe some knuckledragger that worked for one of Trump's cabinet? Betsy DeVos? Steve Mnuchin?

Forbes has warned American corporations to be very careful and recommends they not hire Trump people, especially in the PR area, unless they want to soil the reputation of their company. The result is that people who worked in the administration of Donnie Two Times are finding that they are involved in a game of musical chairs that started out with far fewer chairs than normal. It's a shame there are any for them at all. Let them get a severe taste of what it's like.

Noah's Note: Sunday is usually the day I set aside for Sunday Thoughts but today I put love before religion. I'm that kind of guy. As you can tell, I'm all about the love. Sunday Thoughts will be back next week, that is, unless the End Times that typical mindless twit republicans pray for actually comes.

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