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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

When the move to recognize Officer Eugene Goodman for his brave actions on 1/6 recently arose, chances are you didn't hear anything positive about it from any members of the political party formerly known as the Republican Party. The reasons for the Domestic Terrorist Party not wanting to recognize Officer Goodman for his bravery and patriotism in the service of our country are painfully obvious. 1) What Officer Eugene Goodman did went a long way towards defeating the Domestic Terror Party's attempts to pull off their violent coup. Had the Trump mob turned the other way upon reaching the top of the stairs, they would have been at the doorway to the Senate chamber where the man they were intent on hanging was just a few feet away with his family. Also most of the Senators and staff had yet to be whisked away to relative safety either. Eugene Goodman managed to lure the murderous goons in the opposite direction away from their target. For that alone, Eugene Goodman will always be seen as an enemy in the eyes of nearly half of the members of Congress and everyone who served in the Trump administration. 2) The second reason the Domestic Terrorist Party will always have it in for Officer Goodman? Well, that's obvious. We know how pro-Domestic Terror politicians feel about African-Americans. They prove it in their incessant votes for voter suppression and economic warfare and they proved it in their support for Trump's efforts to surgically negate the 2020 votes of huge numbers of African-Americans in swing states, even especially honing in on "urban" communities and specific precincts. In fact, that is why they incited the coup attempt and sent their goonish army of homicidal white supremacists into the Capitol Building itself.

Awarding Officer Goodman is so much better than Dirtbag Donnie giving a Medal Of Freedom to insidiously treasonous people like Rush Limbaugh, Devin Nunes, and Gym Shower Jordan. Trump's attempted overthrow has really driven home the fact that some cops, like Eugene Goodman (and those who defended the Capitol who are no longer alive or those who are severely injured thanks to the Domestic Terror Party's goons), are good and some cops, like those traitors who assisted or participated in the terrorist attack on the Capitol Building are heinous beyond description. I don't know everything about Eugene Goodman but I do know that he has more honor and goodness in the tip of either of his little toes than the entire Trump family, their criminal, seditious, and treasonous associates and every republican in Congress. Eugene Goodman is a true American hero. His service should not be overlooked. Thank you Eugene Goodman. People like Cruz, Hawley, McCarthy and their seditious supporters and brethren may not think your blue life matters but it certainly does and it did on 1/6.

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