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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Give the man a break.
-Nikki Haley, former South Carolina Governor and present day Republican loon, as she pleaded the 'no impeachment' case for her idol, Traitor Don.

Only fools would have ever expected the members of the newly named Domestic Terrorist Party to want to punish their beloved domestic terrorists or even investigate them, especially their god, the Orange Menace To Society himself who leads them. All Republicans bow down (and more) to Trump. They show their fealty every time they open their mouths. He is Dear Leader after all! He sets the tone. He is the tone. Trump is the alpha and omega of what it is to be a republican and we can see how they now openly embrace that and nurture it. To those in the Domestic Terror Party, anyone who would want to punish Dear Leader is just being sooo divisive. How dare we! How dare we carry even an inkling of morality and a sense of right and wrong?

To Republicans, those who stormed the Capitol Building in an attempt to overthrow and even execute the Vice President and legally elected members of the opposition are heroes. The now Domestic Terrorist Party smoke the blessed republican sacrament of the crack pipe and embrace the pipe bomb. The worst of them are an insane freakish lot. You can see that in the now distorted faces of Moscow Mitch or Rafael "Ted" Cruz, the bizarrely oversized head of Matt Gaetz or even just the flapping ears of Louie Gohmert. The inner total corruption took so much control that it began to manifest itself on the outside with many of them. I believe that inner ugliness can be so severe that it changes the body's appearance. I spent decades in the corporate world and witnessed it first hand. With others like Kevin McCarthy, Gym Shower Jordan, Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, or Rand Paul, it comes out, not just in what they do, but in the hideous insanity they speak to us. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin seems to be from a third group of distorted humanoids, often appearing as a shapeshifter who hasn't quite mastered human form but, like all the others, what he says and does gives him away, much like Lindsey Graham.

Nikki Haley (quoted above) is a so-called new shining light of the Domestic Terrorist Party. She is the former governor of South Carolina and that has encouraged her to envision herself as the next Donald Trump. She's been going on the FOX Sedition/Treason channel, playing the "Trump is a victim" card game with the Hitler-saluting Laura Ingraham, saying Trump shouldn't be impeached, as if treason is no big deal. In fact, in her twisted mental processes, Trump's attempted coup is simply "not great" and his actions "since Election Day were not his finest." Clearly Haley is getting ready for her own run in 2024. She bemoans the mere fact that anyone would say things like treason and conspiracy to murder is impeachable. She's a real piece of... work.

The idea that they are bringing this up, they didn't even have a hearing in the House. Now they are going to turn around and bring about impeachment, yet they say they are for unity."

Yeah, right Nikki. Did we really need a hearing when we can just look at the film? What's a little sedition, treason, incitement... It was just a little attempted coup and now were victimizing the modern Benedict Arnold. Yeah, Nikki. What's such a big deal about sending a crowd of thousands of white supremacists to kill the Vice President, the Speaker of the House and anyone else they could get their hands on? What's the big deal? And if they had succeeded in hanging the VP on their gallows outside the Capitol Building, no biggie, right? You'd still be smiling and making excuses. Yeah, your boy Trumpanzee is such a F**king victim. Yeesh! How long before you emulate your pal Marjorie Taylor Greene and start blaming Alien Jewish lasers from outer space for the whole thing. Every one of you is a complete total nutcase. and we're nuts for tolerating your kind for even another minute.

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