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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

It gets worse than the message of tonight's meme when you get down to the details. The Tuesday afternoon vote on Rand Paul's proposal to dismiss the second Trump impeachment trial was further proof that the huge majority of 45 Republican $enators (an ironic number) are perfectly fine with the fact that their still Dear Leader sent a white supremacist mob to the Capitol Building to kill Mike Pence and overthrow democracy itself. That was clearly Dear Leader's plan and it nearly succeeded. But for literally a few seconds of delaying Trump's Goons, Pence, Speaker Pelosi and others would be dead and we would now be living under a total dictatorship with not even a facade of remaining democracy. The failure of Trump's attempt was just luck and it's the kind of luck that urgently needs to be addressed because luck might not be on America's side the next time. The 45 republican $enators and Republicans in general don't see it that way. As it stands now, the Republican dream is still alive and they see any punishment of Trump and his co-conspirators as an obstacle to that dream.

It's interesting that, with the way the Republican mind works, one could and should conclude that Osama bin Laden's role in 9/11 was of no consequence. After all, to Republicans, Trump's role in 1/6 was of no consequence.

Both binLaden and Trump planned, inspired, and incited the ensuing crimes that they will each always be attached to. In fact, Trump had more help. Osama bin Laden did not have his own agents in Congress. In the case of 1/6, Trump had his 147 co-conspirators who wanted to destroy America and murder people to do it. In the $enate, Trump had Rafael "Ted" Cruz, Josh Hawley and others on the inside. In the House, Trump had Minority Leader McCArthy and his putrid assortment of FOX "News" QANON devotees. Osama bin Laden had the advantage of our incompetence and our denial of the existence of the most horrific possibilities. Trump had that and more. In the coming weeks, months, and years, we will learn, bit by bit, of even more particulars that led to 1/6. Howie has already posted about the obvious role of Trump's agents within the walls of the Pentagon.

What the Republican Party is now doing is a deliberate cementing of themselves and their image as an official party of domestic terroism. They should be known as what they are: The Domestic Terror Party. Think not? Yesterday, it became known that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is in favor of putting a bullet in Speaker Pelosi's head. Was there an outcry from Republicans? Did Republican Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel or any Republican $enator or Representative show any immediate outrage? Has there been a move to expel Greene? No. But, how could we be surprised at that when the idea of hanging the vice president by a white supremacist mob and hunting down selected democrats is no big deal to such suversive, seditionist traitors?

I laugh when I hear pundits and politicians claim that republicans are afraid of retaliation by their Dear Leader. They are not afraid. They are in agreement. The claim of being afraid is subterfuge. It is highly transparent. They are disingenuously using their "fear of retaliation or being primaried" as the world's most convenient excuse. Every action they take is designed to protect their obvious dream. They continue to protect Trump at all costs to the country. The 45 U.S. Republican $enators voted on Tuesday to dismiss the case against Trump. It wasn't quite enough but it was way too close. The attempted coup? The conspiracies to murder? On Tuesday, the 45 republican $enators further staked out their position that none of that matters compared to their protecting Dear Leader. At this point, it's reasonable to expect that if Trump killed their own kids they would be, not only fine with it, but also commend him for how he did it. They would find a way to rationalize it. They are the ultimate yes men and yes women. They might as well be working for Kim Jong-un. That kind of thing is obviously their wish.


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