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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

When President Biden recently answered a question from a reporter about whether or not Traitor Don had left him the traditional letter from an outgoing oval office occupant to the incoming president, Biden answered that Trump had left him a "generous letter" but he would not disclose what was said. What followed in my somewhat skeptical mind was a cascade of reactions including the following:

1. Ah! The lying has begun! Not a lie up to the "standards" of anyone in the previous administration, but, c'mon! Generous? From Dirtbag Donnie? I ain't buyin' it. Period.

2. If there was a "generous" letter, it surely was not written by the Orange Menace To Society.

3. I hope the letter was thoroughly tested and checked for anthrax and syphilis before President Biden was allowed to touch it.

4. If the letter was generous, it was meant for Putin as a token of thanks for all the help and advice.

5. Maybe it was a "beautiful letter" from Kim the North Korean lover boy.

6. It really was the note shown in the above meme, or...

7. It was a stupid plea for a pardon with some sort of blackmail along the lines of "Hey, I still know the nuke codes." (Not to worry about that one. I'm sure the codes were changed promptly at 12:01 on inauguration day.)

8. It was just an old envelope of naked pictures of Ivanka from her teen years.

9. It was an unmailed check to Sean Hannity drawn on a Russian bank.


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