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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

So says an asshole, a man with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. A man so heinously stupid that he seems to think the Paris accord is something only for the "citizens of Paris." So says an asshole who literally attempted to help lead a coup against the United States Of America. Rafael "Ted" Cruz, the pride of loon state Texas is a complete disgrace in every way imaginable. But the even bigger disgrace is that he still has a twitter account, access to any social media or any means of communication with the public, and most of all, nearly three weeks after his crime, has yet to be expelled from the $enate, tried and convicted on charges of sedition and treason and sentenced to the hanging his followers planned for Mike Pence and the deaths they planned for Speaker Pelosi and other members of Congress. Rafael "Ted" Cruz is literally allowed to go to work every day. That is an evil at least as big as he is. Ask yourself if you would be granted the same privilege if you had done the same as him. "Ted" Cruz is a member of an old boys club that takes care of its own, even when one of its own conspires to commit multiple murders and overthrow the United States of America. Think of that next time you see a $enator on your TV.

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