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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

And the fact that Donald Two Times was given his chance to wreak havoc upon the nation in the first place, along with our society offering even an ounce of continued tolerance towards this man in public life makes a self-mockery of us all. The same goes for his wife, his offspring, and his criminal associates, aka his other "family." Mere acknowledgement of "accountability" can never be enough. What Trump and his armies of goonish supporters have done cannot be erased by the empty cliche of "accountability" that so many are throwing around these days. "Accountability" is nothing but marketing and costume. It is presented to the public to fool them into thinking that retribution and punishment has been delivered. It is nothing but a tiny chicken bone thrown to the masses, a chicken bone that will kill us in the future.

"Accountability" needs to be strictly defined as real trials with real convictions and maximum punishments. Nothing less is called for. Supporting anything short of that is being complicit and being complicit calls for the same treatment. Zero tolerance! None. Zero.

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