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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Think of all the real Americans who died to keep that flag out of that building!

What is it about Republicans and flags? They used to wrap themselves in the American flag. They hated when someone burned it, but now they parade around waving the flags of the Confederacy, Trump, and Nazi Germany.

If polio had a flag, Republicans would wave it with fervor. If bubonic plague had a flag, same thing... well, they do refuse to wear masks for COVID and they proudly hold super-spreader events. One 75-year-old congresswoman now has COVID because, during the terror attack on 1/6, she was trapped in a small room with a bunch of moronic Republican congresscretins who refused to wear masks and laughed about it, prefering to be walking, talking biohazards. Everyone of them was also part of the attempted coup. This is what Republicans are now. Actually, it's what they've been for decades. They just don't even attempt to hide it now. If "no indoor plumbing" had a flag, they'd embrace that one too. Why wouldn't they? They're one step away from just throwing their waste out in the streets anyway.



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