• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Such a smug smile. Arms crossed defiantly, haughty. She has defended her favorite traitor time and time again. Other treasonous and duplicitous Republicans have as well, of course, but few have made such a show of it as Susan Collins, pride of Maine. She owns a huge chunk of 1/6. Does she do things for the people of Maine that help her state? She must. Is any of that worth the selling out of the fabric of the entire country? No way.

Being disingenuous comes so easy for $enator Susan Collins. It is her m.o. At the time she spoke the insincere words in the quote above, she already knew that her man Trump had the deaths of children kidnapped at the border. He didn't care. His wife didn't care, and neither did Susan; only normal, decent people did. Same with the parents that were refused the entry they were legally applying for. They were sent back to certain death. The fact that her man Trump had suggested, not that his opponent be locked up but meet a 2nd Amendment solution didn't bother her. In the sick brain of Susan Collins, there was nothing amiss with that. Same with Helsinki and all the rest of that Russian stuff. None of it bothered Susan Collins. Not Kavanaugh either. Susan Collins just smiled, voted to keep her man and said what she said.

Thank you sooo much, Susan Collins. Everything that has happened since then, self-dealing thefts, looting of the treasury, the out of control spread of COVID-19 and the completely botched response and vaccine distribution to it, and the incitement of violent insurrection... it's all on you. Were the 52 others who voted not to remove your man back when you ran to the microphone and uttered those words above as guilty? Were they as guilty as you of defiling the oath to the Constitution to protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic? Yes. Was even a single one of those 52 more proud of their vote to acquit? Absolutely not.


It seems that the time has come for Maine's Susan Collins to be placed on an ice flow alongside California's Dianne Feinstein.

When senile $enator Sue's Dear Leader's Insurrection Goons invaded the Capitol on 1/6, her big "thought" was that the Trump and Confederate Flag-waving, almost entirely pale-complexioned, MAGA hat-wearing crowd, aka her voters, were thousands of Iranians come to carry out a threat-

"My first thought was that the Iranians had followed through on their threat to strike the Capitol."

No being able to grasp how utterly stupid this "thought" sounds, Collins actually went so far as to state her brilliant deduction in an OP-Ed in the Bangor Daily News. Keep in mind that it was well known that 1/6 was the Trump crowd's stated day to attempt to overthrow the government and no "Iranians" were invited.

$enator Collins sits on the ironically named $enate Intelligence Committee.