• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

At last! The perfect bible for Republicans! This is the kind of bible our psychopathic president would read, if he could read! It's certainly the kind he must have used as a prop for his sick, sacrilegious photo op in front of St. John's Epsicopal Church back on June 1st. It's the "We can use the Bible to justify anything" bible that anyRepublican will love. It would make a great Christmas gift for any Repug you have the misfortune to have in your life. And, if one of God's great F4 tornadoes hits their town, maybe Trump will give up a golf day for another photo op and come sign it, or not.

Consider this post as a preview of my upcoming annual "Holiday Gifts For Republicans" posts, coming very soon!