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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Closing in on 320,000 or more dead Americans today. You're up to a rate of over 3000 per day. Over 17,000,000 American cases total, so far! And that's just what's officially reported! Why don't you just put up some golden arches with a sign on the White House lawn? Have Jared do it. At this rate, you're about to beat cancer. Maybe you have already. I know that's what your sick mind wants. Well done, you gibberish speaking psychopathic homicidal goon! Well done! Thank you so much for ignoring the horrible threat to all of us so many months ago and letting COVID-19 get such a foothold in this country. America is #1 in the world. That must be that "American Exceptionalism" you republicans are always yapping about. Yeah, that's right, "One by a lot!"

It's a landslide! You beat Dahmer, Zodiac, Green River, Bundy, Capone, Manson, McVeigh, and every other mass-murderer in American history. Combined! Yes! You "won by a lot!" We should call you Mengele and we don't even know what you've done with all those children you claim that you "can't find."

What a great 'Merry Christmas' from you; to be number one in corona deaths thanks to you, Trump. Now, we have that Pfizer vaccine but you turned down the opportunity to order millions of more doses! Increase the numbers of lives saved? Not you. That wouldn't catapult the agenda of death and human misery! You are Mr. Death to Moscow Mitch's Grim Reaper! And the Pfizer vaccine was developed in Germany by a team with two Turkish Muslims in charge. Two Turkish Muslims that you and your asinine party would never allow into this country! Fuck you'll and the whore you'll ride out on!

All the while, your "Best People" were pushing for more Americans to be infected. "Best People" like your Department of Health & Human Services guy Paul "We want them infected" Alexander, who we now know wrote that it "may be best to open up the flood zone and let the kids and young folk get infected." Yeah, and spread the joy around. Well done President Mengele!



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