• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

It seems natural to me that people who are warped enough to always go around acting like they speak for God like Republicans do would also be deranged enough to take the next step and also think they're smarter than God if they don't like a certain course of events. That kind of thinking comes with such titanic egos. And, of course, Republicans being people that believe Democrats run pedophile rings in the nonexistent basements of suburban pizza parlors, that Democrats are running secret child slave camps on Mars, and that Democrats have involved thousands of people, even some Republican state officials, none of whom have revealed the details of their conspiring, in their dastardly plot to rig an election when the Democrats can't even organize their own party, it would never occur to such nutball Republicans that maybe their God just answered their prayers in a way they didn't expect or want. Oh, and horror of horrors, maybe their God knew better, doesn't exist, or doesn't give a damn, or, best yet, just wanted to torment them in an almost sadistic Old Testament kind of way.

The latter possibility works well with my own personal belief that, if there actually is a god, then he, she, or it is simply a galactic emperor of sadistic practical jokes, the proof of which we see every damn day. If that is the case: Kudos God! Well done! But, just to be a wee bit critical, could you please consult me on the candidate choices next time?