• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

The House Of Representatives passed a COVID Relief bill 6 months ago. Moscow Mitch McConnell laughed and wiped his ass with it. Kook judges are more important to him, much more, as he watches businesses close at a faster and faster rate and food lines grow longer and longer. To Moscow Mitch McTraitor and his party, Americans can't die fast enough.

It's obvious. Something really bad happened to Moscow Mitch McConnell during his childhood. Or is it self-inflicted; something rooted in a need for revenge over what he sees about himself and a need to take it out on everyone else? Both?

The cause doesn't really matter. I only care about the end result. The bottom line about Moscow Mitch and what he is and does is horrific. He is an American monster. We say Trump is a psychotic baby. So is Mitch. Both are cheerleaders for human misery and death. This isn't only about their mutual love of all things Russia.

Mitch McConnell's anger, petulence and position as $enate Majority is literally a matter of life and death not just for the individual Amercans he doesn't give a damn about. It's a matter of life and death for the country's health. Our daily death count from his deliberate, psychotic inaction has amounted to a 9/11 attack on us everyday with Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump acting as one. They are a kind of mutant Osama bin Laden simulacrum. Mitch even has the same smile.

Meanwhile, however you die, be it starvation, cancer, or COVID doesn't matter to the repugs in the $enate, and Mitch moves around the Capitol building slowly like a snail, leaving its slime on your sidewalk. Never forget that he proudly calls himself The Grim Reaper.