• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

Look at those jokers. It costs a ton of money to recount. Then again, The Diaper Don did promise that he would create lots of jobs and someone has to recount all those votes and recount and recount, and recount. So much losing! Tremendous, bigly losing! What else can you do when you're raised on robbery but try the art of the steal?

What a show! See the black dye ooze out of Rudy's head and run down his face! It goes with The Diaper Don's orange paint. Halloween all the time!

This is now utterly surreal. As if whacking off in a major motion picture wasn't enough, we even get to hear and see Rudy fart on camera while he screams about dead people! That's right, kids. Odor in the court! He's farting from both ends now.

We've seen him fart from both ends now, from lose to loser but still somehow. It's all delusions we can see. Gone breaking with the wind their sanity.

What's next? A cool blue flame on his slippery dome? Like a living tattoo?

Sorry Joni.