Midnight Meme Of The Day! And The NRA Threw A Damn Party!

by Noah

21 shooting victims in Uvalde. 21 victims in an endless chain of too easily enabled deaths. 21 deaths as a result of inaction. 21 people who had their right to life taken away by those who oppose action while stuffing their pockets with NRA cash. We hadn't even had time to bury all the victims of the previous massacres.

To top it off, the NRA threw a party. They even had America's #1 homicidal maniac Donald Trump speak and he basked in their cheers. They threw a fucking party!

And then there's this from "Ted" Cruz, one of his pearls of "wisdom" at the NRA festivities:

One of the things that everyone agreed is don't have all these unlocked back doors. Have one door in and out of the school.

One door in and out? God, what a moronic thing of evil "Ted" Cruz is. But we already knew that. No one asked "Ted" about what happens to the people in a building with one door when there's a fire. I'd like to think that local fire departments, even in Texas, would have something to say about the one door idea, but, if what we saw of the Uvalde police department is any indication, maybe not. Meanwhile, make no mistake, "Ted" Cruz is a perfect example of the low level of intelligence of what gets elected to both houses of the U.S. Congress and every state legislature in the country. One door. In a fire. The dumbest Irish Setter you ever saw is smarter than your average politician. The only difference is politicians can put on suits, dial for dollars, and blow CEOs all day. Don't even get me started on the people that regard them as acceptable candidates and put them where they are. That's a given.

Here's my parting shot for the day: Move the U.S. $enate into the auditorium of Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Make them sit in those tiny seats. Why not? Give 'em one door. With a good guy with a gun. That good guy thing is another cynical idea from the gun nut crowd. Cruz endorses it. Trump endorses it. Every Republican does. Gee, that worked so well at Parkland and in Buffalo. Make it so they're locked down and can't leave. No food. No water. No air conditioning, until they fix this mess they all created in the first place. If some of them starve to death or stroke out, who the fuck cares. Have they ever cared about us? Not unless there's money in it.