• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Is Don Jr. Breaking Bad?

by Noah

Imagine a world... a world where there's no more coke for Donnie Junior! Damn! I can hear the screaming from 300 miles away! But, I'd rather see the movie. I'd rather see him crawling, clawing and whimpering, begging for some coke with two straws (plastic, of course) jammed up his bloody nose, or maybe a hose in each nostril. I'd pay money to see that movie! And, that's just him. Imagine his "better half" Kimberly Tinfoil without a soup ladle full. What a freakshow!

Seriously though. Take a good look at the recent pix of Junior. He, as they say, "don't look so good." He's one step away from total enfeeblement. Even his father never looked that bad at Junior's age. Junior could be the lead character in the next Breaking Bad spinoff, maybe a darkside Seinfeld meets Breaking Bad kind of show about a coke freak and his meth-crazed gal pal who shrieks at him all day while parading around in bison horns prodding him with a taser stick in each hand. Hell, I'd audition for a part like that. Maybe I could be the crazy guy across the hall named Taser. Imagine Hunter S. Thompson playing Kramer, samurai style. Where do I sign up?

And Lindsey Graham gets the George role. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Postscript: As an additional thought for the day, I have to point out that it's cool with Republicans for Goya, My Pillow, and the NRA to get involved in politics but not Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and the MLB. Hey, what did ya expect? Rationality?