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Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

For the Republican Party, it just wasn't enough to complete their morphing into the party now known as The Domestic Terrorism Party with their complete support of their Dear Leader and his white supremacist mob's effort to mount a coup on 1/6. It wasn't enough for them to circle the wagons of protection and support around $enator Ron Johnson when he went full on racist and called the cop killer nazis that Dear Leader unleashed "good people" and "law-abiding people" just like their Dear Leader called his nazis in Charlottesville "very fine people." Why? They agree and they are nazis themselves. Why else would they have been so gung-ho in their support of all of it?

Then there's the sadness they felt when some old Dr. Seuss books that contained some of their beloved racism indoctrination for children got pulled from the publisher's catalog. Or, how about the insanity of obsessing about the private parts of potatoes? Life is damn strange when you're a republican. Are they on acid?

COVID relief? No way!!!! Americans must suffer!! And we must do everything to assure that they do! Besides, we can't afford it and by the way, we propose another 2 Trillion Dollar tax cut for our donors and korporate masters! Hey, we can afford that, especially if they give us a nice juicy kickback in "campaign contributions," nudge nudge wink wink!

Well, yet another distraction was inevitable. It's "Don't look at how nasty and looney we are! Look at that surge of kids approaching the border after we voted to cut programs that would have enabled them to stay in their homeland! It's all Biden's fault! Even if the surge did start in the last few months of our Dear Leader's term. It's Biden's border crisis! Biden, I tell ya!" Yeah, I get it. Migrant Invasion bad. Invasion of Capitol building by republican-apporved terrorists good. Brown kids bad. White supremacist militia members good.

Well, here we are. Republicans pulling an old favorite chestnut out of their.... pocket. What's next week? More anti-masking and anti-corona vaxxing so more will die? Continued anti-Asian rhetoric designed to rally the sickos? More transphobia so more kids will kill themselves? Sure. All of the above. Whatever causes the most human misery. That's yer republican platform. And wrap it in a gauze of hate-filled fake Christianity and fake patriotism. It's who they are. Those assholes that tried to overthrow the government for them didn't come over the border and they sure aren't the only assholes. There are plenty already in Washington who work in the Capitol Building as $enators and House Reps. They took money from korporate CEOs who share their pro-nazification white supremacy views and invaded Congress way before 1/6. They infiltrated state legislatures, too. 74 Million Americans even opened the doors and gates for them with their votes and will happily do so again. They'd put on an armband and vote for the original Jack the Ripper himself if he promised to keep the people they fear and hate "in their place."

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