• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

And all the little kooks in kookville went to Parler.

As you probably know by now, Parler is the new social media home to the conservative movement. You may encounter a relative over the holidays who has fallen for their insanity. It advertises itself as a free speech, no censorship home to those who feel that they are the only ones that twitter and facebook censor. They now hate them both. Plagued by a limited intellect that lives wrapped in a persecution complex, they think that censorship for their far right views somehow makes them unique. It's a place for any insane right wing "news" and/or conspiracy theorizing that already exists or that you can make up on the spot. Check reality at the door. Want to bathe your dissolving brain in the news about baby-eating, blood-drinking, pedophile democrats, Holocaust denial, LGBTQ aliens from outer space, antisemitism, the divinity of Donald J. Trump, inferior brown races, aka "mud people," and government plots to plant a computer chip in your ass? Well then! Parler is for you!

The saddest and most important thing about Parler is that, with all the things that I mentioned above, it's what amounts to the Republican Party platform for the foreseeable future. It was founded by John Matze and is reportedly financially backed by the billionaire neo-Nazi Mercer family, the same wackjob family that played a key part in funding Trump's political career until they lost even more brain cells and decided that he was way too liberal. Rebekah Mercer, in fact, is a co-founder. Parler refers to itself as "unbiased." "Alt-Right" or Neo-Nazi, ie. republican, "luminaries" such as Ted Cruz, Russian Asset Devin Nunes, Fox's Maria Bartiromo, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Tiki Torch Carlson, Crackpot Radio's Mark Levin, Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, and has been TV celeb Kirstie Alley and Actor-Republican Convention speaker for hire Scott Baio all count themselves as devotees of the Parler orb. It'a a place for calls to action, from promoting the so-called Million Maga March (5000 showed up) to user posts like this one from a Parler user who calls himself Langholland-

It's time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of these rioters and communist Democrats.

Ironically, Parler also publishes every one of President Trump's tweets, thus showing a complete lack of irony awareness but when did republicans ever have a sense of irony or any sense at all?