• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by Noah

It's well known that Moscow Mitch fancies himself as The Grim Reaper and he certainly is A grim reaper but he is only Trump's most successful apprentice at that particular job. Sorry Mitch, Trump is your daddy. He has you beat. Sure, you've dedicated your life to death dealing and human misery, and often for profit to boot. The fact that you did it for fun as well goes without question. Mitch, you're a psychopath and, no doubt, you wear that designation proudly, as proudly as you self proclaim yourself to be a Grim Reaper.

But, in just four quick years, your ex-boss took actions to kill more Americans more quickly than you have. Deal with it, Mitch. By marketing COVID-19 as a hoax and convincing millions of people to pay it no mind, Trump (with your support) directly caused more American deaths than even you ever dreamed of. We'll always remember you and your Republican colleagues in Congress laughing about the very idea of social distancing and wearing masks; even now you Republicans are doing everything you can to give the plague the upper hand as COVID variants appear and you encourage Americans to not wear masks and even hold burnings of masks as if they are the books you'd also love to burn. Anything to help your Dear Leader spread the disease, right?

We'll also always remember you campaigning against helping out Americans as the plague took hold, dismissing such help as "Blue state bailouts." I bet you and Dear Leader had quite a chuckle over that one. As recently as your party's failed coup attempt you assholes refused to wear masks even while huddling in your Capitol Building panic rooms with those that were wearing them. Even this past weekend, you led your homicidal minions on a jihad against COVID relief in the press and on the $enate floor. Of course you did. Why wouldn't you? It's who you are. Even suicides are up due to the misery you, your ex-boss, and your kind have inflicted. Way to go Mitch. I bet you expect you'll be getting even more cash now from the Republican boss of bosses in Moscow. But, you're still no Donald Trump.

So now the question is: How many of you Republican $enators and Congresscretins also, like your Dear Leader, secretly got vaccinated for COVID-19 while you were being mouthpieces for the COVID lies of the anti-vaxxer-in-chief? How many of you were getting secretly vaccinated while you still denied the plague's existence? More recently, how many of you were getting secretly vaccinated just like your boss while you did everything in your power to block money for vaccine distribution? I doubt we'll ever know but I'd love it if it was revealed. I'd also love to know how many of the non-seniors in your crowd did the ol' dress like a woman in the lifeboat thing and scammed a shot, even after convincing millions that the whole thing was a joke, while seniors across the country went without and died.