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Midnight Meme Of The Day! 1 Week Past The 1st Debate: Guess Who's Still #1

by Noah

"By a lot," as the Republican Party's #1 always says. But, really, are you at all surprised? Did you not see the big shiny keys sticking out of the backs of the Domestic Terror Party's "Great Eight?" Did you not sense the awesome brain power? Did you not feel it radiating off that FOX-GOEBBELS stage? What intellectual might to behold!!!!!

Have you heard anything from any of them in the week since the debate? Were they even there at all? It's almost as if it was all done with a holograph machine. Halfway through the so-called debate, the machine was clearly malfunctioning and the images of the "Great Eight" were breaking up. By the end of the debate they were gone completely. After 7 of the 8 (Yes, Christie Creme did raise his paw) said they would support their Traitor-In-Chief even if he was convicted and in jail, Ronna, Donnie, and Rupert had no more use for them, and they were gone, ptoof, into the fetid air, at least for now.

Now, we'll get to see if the magic holograph machine gets at least partially fixed, fixed enough that it can manage 5, with 3 never to be seen again.

Whatever. It's not the show I want to see. Next time each of the fake candidates should have a stripper pole instead of those tired cliched podiums. David Rose's "The Stripper" should open and close the show and be softly faded up each time a candidate starts answering a question. That's what all debates are anyway.

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