Meet Getro-- The Progressive Democrat Who Can Win In The Antelope Valley

Getro Elize grew in the Antelope Valley and is running for the state Assembly's 36th district, a blue district represented by a conservative Republican, Tom Lackey, who keeps beating conservative Democrat Steve Fox. Getro, both an SEIU member and a member of the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce is a graduate of Howard University, a veteran, a healthcare professional and a family man.

The district's demographics:

  • White- 37.7%

  • Latino- 41.6%

  • African-American- 14.1%

  • Asian- 4.4%

And the party registration for the district's 234,801 registered voters:

  • Democratic- 40.3%

  • Republican- 33.0%

  • No Party Preference- 21.0%

Obama, Hillary and Biden all won the district, as have Gavin Newsom, Kevin de Leon (the progressive alternative to Dianne Feinstein) and Kamala Harris. Voters are very aware that Lackey voted against Extend Unemployment Benefits during the pandemic, at a time when people were losing their jobs through no fault of their own. I spoke with Getro a few weeks ago and asked him to introduce himself. He wrote this guest post. Please give it a read and consider contributing to his campaign by clicking on the Blue America 2022 state legislatures thermometer on the left. Part of Getro's district overlaps with Kevin McCarthy's district and he and Bruno Amato are both supporters of each other. This evening Bruno told me that he's a "real stand up guy. Got to meet him in person a couple weekends ago. Army Veteran. Family man. We talked about many issues that we both care about deeply, like jobs, healthcare and the environment. We need someone like Getro in the Assembly."

Guest Post

-by Getro Elize

My name is Getro Elize, and I am running to represent California’s 36th Assembly District. My campaign is committed to the belief that we need to bring much-needed resources into our community and help ensure that those resources reach the people who need them most. Our campaign focuses on advocating for the Antelope Valley's interests in the halls of Sacramento and not using the privilege of holding office for self-serving relationships.

As a Patient Resource Worker for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and member of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), I've learned firsthand the need for our community to embrace its people through progressive policies. Policies that support the freedom of every neighbor and every family to pursue and achieve the American Dream.

Through grassroots organizing, I have built up an intimate relationship with our community. I have a pulse on its needs by participating alongside many local volunteer organizations, from cleaning up the Antelope Valley every weekend with the Community Coalition and food distributions with SALVA, to regularly volunteering with Grace Resources and assisting with a COVID clinic through Los Angeles County Department of Health Services every Thursday since the beginning of the pandemic. With this level of involvement, I am the leading candidate, positioned to understand our Valley and its peoples' needs.

When elected as our next Assembly member, I will support the Green New Deal plans, position the state to become a world leader in green technology and energy. I will support Medicare For All (AB 1400), eliminating the heavy burden of healthcare costs. I will ensure that this campaign will bring the needed funds for the revitalization of our infrastructure, renew our involvement with our small businesses and with Aerospace and Defense Contractors, some of the largest employers here in the Antelope Valley. I will bring jobs to the Antelope Valley and incentivize not just $15 an hour jobs but mortgage-paying careers that provide pensions and quality retirement plans that will secure prosperity in our community for future generations. California alone leads with one of the strongest economies globally and can lead by example in standing up for hard-working families. That is our promise.

On behalf of my campaign, I ask that you join my family and me in this grand and sincere endeavor to fight for our community at