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McCarthy Promises That If Republicans Win The Majority, He Will Get "Revenge" Against Dems

The most recent YouGov poll for The Economist (last week), showed several things about the political parties that might impact the midterms. Asked which parties best reflect their own views, most registered voters said Democrats (51%). Among Independent voters it was 54% Republicans and 46% Democrats. Asked which party they would back if there was a congressional election today, 42% of registered voters said Democrats, 38% said Republicans and 20% said other, not sure or would not vote. Voters were also asked if they have a favorable or unfavorable view of each party


Very Favorable- 15%

Somewhat Favorable- 25%

Somewhat Unfavorable- 12%

Very Unfavorable- 41%

Don't Know- 7%


Very Favorable- 11%

Somewhat Favorable- 23%

Somewhat Unfavorable- 19%

Very Unfavorable- 40%

Don't Know- 7%

Voters don't seem eager to see Mitch McConnell become Senate Majority Leader or Kevin McCarthy become speaker. This is McConnell's job approval rating among registered voters:

  • Strongly approve- 3%

  • Somewhat approve- 15%

  • Somewhat disapprove- 21%

  • Strongly disapprove- 44%

  • Not sure- 17%

And this is his job approval rating for thee still relatively unknown McCarthy:

  • Strongly approve- 6%

  • Somewhat approve- 19%

  • Somewhat disapprove- 15%

  • Strongly disapprove- 33%

  • Who the fuck is Kevin McCarthy?- 27%

And people aren't even aware yet of what the Republican Party wants to do once they gain control. Outside of their crackpot base, I doubt anyone would approve of their plans. Take Kevin McCarthy, for example, the Speaker-in-waiting. He knows his audience and when he spoke to Breitbart News he told them he would get revenge against Democrats for disciplining psychopaths in his conference, particularly Marjorie Traitor Greene and Paul Gosar. He told them he would start by kickingAdam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the House Intelligence Committee and throwing Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee. He added that he would also kick Swalwell off the Homeland Security Committee. We're talking about this guy:

I couldn't track down Schiff yesterday but his comms director Lauren French told me, on the record, that "It is always difficult to take Kevin McCarthy seriously. Nevertheless, allowing McCarthy to get anywhere near the Speaker’s gavel would be catastrophic-- not just because of his propensity for falsehoods and smears, but because he will exist solely to do Donald Trump’s bidding-- even potentially overturning the 2024 results."

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