Matt Gaetz-- Still Not Charged, Arrested Or Imprisoned-- Running For Reelection

Matt Gate’s wingman, crooked Seminole County tax collector Joel Greenberg is facing 12 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to six federal crimes, including sex trafficking of a child, identity theft, stalking, wire fraud, and conspiracy to bribe a public official. In a new court document, his attorney noted that Greenberg “has been cooperating with federal prosecutors in active investigations currently being conducted by the United States Attorney's Office in the Middle District of Florida and the Department of Justice in Washington D.C.” That, presumably, is Matt Gaetz, the Florida congressman who tried to persuade Trump to give him a pardon for insurrection that included child sex trafficking (and every other crime he’s ever committed (including murdering a college roommate)... "from the beginning of time."

Gaetz’s district was prohibitively red before redistricting (R+40) and it still is (R+38, the reddest district in the state). Even if a video surfaced of him having sex with a teenager-- regardless of gender-- he would win against a Democrat anyway in this district that has more to do with Alabama than with the rest of Florida. As far as the August 23 primary, until yesterday, Gaetz had two vaguely viable opponents, both military men— former Marine Mike Lombardo (a million dollar self-funder) and Air Force pilot Bryan Jones— in a very military district. Yesterday Jones withdrew and endorsed Lombardo.

On announcing his campaign back in June, Lombardo asserted that “The people of Northwest Florida need a Congressman who will put them first. Matt Gaetz is a professional politician who has dishonored his constituents with unnecessary drama, childish gimmicks, and is reportedly entangled in a federal investigation for sex-trafficking a 17-year-old girl to the Bahamas. Displaying the highest level of arrogance imaginable, he hired pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s attorneys and used the money from his hard-working America-first donors to pay the bill." Gaetz is a polymorphous pervert so it’s funny how no one ever mentions his underage male lover, Nestor, who he acquired about a decade ago when Nestor was just 12 and started introducing him as his "son." When confronted with the fact that no adoption papers exist, Gaetz replied that "Our relationship as a family is defined by our love for each other, not by any paperwork." Just for the record: Gaetz, who holds a 0% rating with the Human Rights Campaign and who opposed the LGBT Equality Act, has never been the legal guardian of Nestor. Anyway, here’s the ad that Lombardo started running in FL-01 this morning: