Matt Gaetz: "In The Core Of My Bones I’m A Florida Man"

Sex predator Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is still running around free, presumably while the FBI makes its case against him iron-clad. Over the weekend though, he was one of the MAGA warm-up speakers at the Trumpzee rally in Sarasota, Florida. At the rally, he said "After the next election cycle when we take back the House of Representatives, when we send Nancy Pelosi back to the filth of San Francisco, my commitment to you is that my vote for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will go to Donald J. Trump." What a kiss ass!

He also mentioned that Speaker Trump would impeach Biden and "throw all of the Democrats off of the committees." And defended himself against the charges that he sex-trafficked a minor by claiming "They always come out to the fighters. I’m a canceled man in some corners of the internet, but in the core of my bones I’m a Florida man and it feels good to be home."

On cue, another Florida Man, Señor Trumpanzee, also mentioned that Gaetz is "a fighter." Trump: "He's fighting, fighting, fighting. I guess they don't like people who do that. He's somebody who's very special in so many ways, and he's a very brave guy-- Matt Gaetz."

If the Republicans win the House and if Gaetz can get his colleagues to elect Trump speaker and if Trump can impeach Biden and Harris and if the Senate finds them guilty, then Trump would become president which-- apparently-- is what Gaetz is hoping for, since Trump would surely pardon him.

Remember about 3 months ago when Gaetz decided to retire from Congress and take a job at Newsmax... only to be rejected by the right-wing propaganda outlet? That was before the public knew that Gaetz was fighting off multiple FBI charges including the sex charges, bribers charges, etc. Yesterday, Caleb Ecarma, reporting for Vanity Fair, pointed out that "Given the timing of the two stories, it appears that Gaetz may have been attempting to find a fallback plan in the event that the scandal cut his congressional term short."

Newsmax told the media that they have no plans to hire Gaetz, who, wrote Ecarma, probably "assumed that Newsmax would be an appropriate landing place, given its devotion to Donald Trump and willingness to offer airtime to prominent men accused of sexual misconduct" like anchors Mark Halperin and Greg Kelly and frequent contributor Bill O'Reilly.

It speaks volumes that the network is publicly refusing to even consider throwing Gaetz a life preserver. Though Gaetz has pleaded his innocence on the network-- a platform that may be his last hope, given that Fox News appears to be done with him. The congressman’s failed attempt to join cable news is not the first time he proposed ditching his congressional seat in the lead-up to the news breaking about his scandal. In February, he contemplated leaving the House to dedicate his life to defending Trump during the former president’s impeachment trial. But Gaetz now has bigger legal battles to consider, especially now that his former associate Joel Greenberg, who is alleged to have procured women for Gaetz, including the 17-year-old, has pleaded guilty to sex trafficking charges. As part of the plea, Greenberg agreed to cooperate with federal investigators, which could spell doom for Gaetz.

Gaetz also denies he's gay-- but he is. He's claims Nestor (left) is his... foster son, adopted son, house-helper... anything and everything except his sexual partner.