Many Call For SCOTUS Ethics Rules... No One Is Calling For Ginni To Be Committed To A Nut House

JFK appointed Thurgood Marshall to the court of Appeals in 1961 and 4 years later LBJ appointed him U.S. Solicitor General. He proved himself brilliant in both capacities and in 1967 LBJ nominated him to the Supreme Court. He is generally remembered, first for his brilliant mind, and also as the first African-American member of the Supreme Court. When he retired in 1991 for health reasons, George H.W. Bush forgot about the brilliant mind part of the equation but did replace him with another African-American, Clarence Thomas, generally considered a slow-witted Ayn Rand follower and a mentally unhinged sex maniac. Even apart from that, Thomas is widely considered the worst member of the contemporary Supreme Court. Despite being completely unfit, his nomination was confirmed 52-48 by the Senate in which 11 conservative Democrats voted aye and 2 Republicans voted no. The only current members of the Senate who voted that day are McConnell (R-KY), Grassley (R-IA) and Shelby, then a far right Democrat who voted Aye, who soon after jumped the fence to become a Republican.

Three years after divorcing his wife in 1984, Thomas married a crackpot sex fiend (like himself), corporate lobbyist and completely deranged far right extremist Ginni Thomas. She kept her jobs as a lobbyist and extreme right activist even after her husband was appointed to the Court-- and that is finally catching up with them-- and with the Court. Yesterday, in an editorial, the Washington Post noted that "it is no revelation" that crazy Ginni is an extremist but that now everyone is seeing just how close she was to Señor Trumpanzee’s "plotting to overturn the 2020 presidential election. She was part of teh attempted coup against the United States. "The disturbing revelations only deepen the threat her entanglements pose to the court’s legitimacy."

The rotten crazy wife-- brain completely warped from QAnon devotion-- texted Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, "We are living through what feels like the end of America," just as Trump sought the Supreme Court’s help to reverse the election, but she wasn't referring to the insurrectionists who called for Pence’s blood. "Most of us," she wrote to Meadows, "are disgusted with the VP and are in listening mode to see where to fight with our teams." She flooded Meadows’ phone, according to The Post editors, "with bizarre far-right conspiracy theories about ballot watermarks, secret military operations and the possibility of locking up Democrats and journalists on barges off Guantánamo Bay."

The House committee investigating Jan. 6 obtained the texts from Meadows before he stopped cooperating with the panel. The 29 messages appear to be just a portion of the communications between the two, meaning there might be more that the panel will seek to force Meadows to turn over. The texts also suggest Thomas was in touch with others in the Trump White House, communications the committee will likely want to see.
This raises questions about Justice Thomas’s refusal to recuse himself from cases involving Jan. 6. In one text, Ms. Thomas talked about having a conversation with her “best friend,” apparently about the election fight. Did Thomas influence her husband’s thinking? Did Justice Thomas decline to recuse because he did not want to reveal the depth of his wife’s involvement? Justice Thomas was the only member of the court who voted against turning over White House communications to the committee.
For years, Justice Thomas’s critics have argued he should recuse himself more often from cases to which his wife has connections. Also that Congress should impose strict ethics rules on Supreme Court justices. This is harder than it sounds. Unlike in lower courts, no one can sit in for justices who have recused themselves. Also, many outstanding potential justices have professionally active spouses; they should not feel as though they must ask their partners to quit in order to serve.
Unfortunately, Thomas has abused the good faith others have offered her husband, pushing the limits of the ethical gray areas these considerations create. Justice Thomas must recuse himself whenever his wife has a financial stake in a case. The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer reported that Thomas took more than $200,000 from right-wing activist Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy as Gaffney asked the court to uphold Trump’s Muslim ban, which Justice Thomas voted to do. Justice Thomas must also recuse himself from cases that could substantially affect his wife in other ways. That includes litigation regarding the Jan. 6 committee, which is examining Thomas’s communications.
Americans should expect more. The best way for the court to avoid further erosion of public faith-- and congressional intervention-- is for the justices to set a higher example.

Crazy extremist wife: "Do not concede. It takes time for the army who is gathering for his back." Scott Wong reported for NBC News yesterday that Nazi Ginni e-mailed Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) that she would have nothing to do with his group until his members go "out in the streets" the way the farther right crackpots from the House Freedom Caucus were planning on doing in their role in the coup. Nazi Ginni wrote to the aide that Freedom Caucus members were tougher than RSC members, were in the fight and had Trump's back. She wrote that "House and Senate guys are pathetic too... only 4 GOP House members seen out in street rallies with grassroots... [Louie] Gohmert, [Gym] Jordan, [Paul] Gosar and [Chip] Roy." She passed along a message from Louie Gohmert's fascist and traitorous chief of staff, Connie Hair, that said "the most important thing you can realize right now is that there are no rules in war." Just days later, Gohmert appeared at a so-called Million MAGA March near the White House and told Trump supporters, "This was a cheated election, and we can’t let it stand." He talked about "revolution." Soon after he announced her would run for Attorney General of Texas. His treason was even too much for Texas Republicans:

  • Ken Paxton- 820,602 (42.7%)

  • George P. Bush- 437,784 (22.8%)

  • Eva Guzman- 336,814 (17.5%)

  • Louie Gohmert- 326,186 (17.0%)

Thomas said she attended the Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” rally near the White House that preceded the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol. And her involvement in pressuring and advising leaders in both the executive branch and legislative branch on efforts to overturn the presidential election are raising significant ethical questions about whether her political activism has created a conflict of interest for her husband, Justice Clarence Thomas, who may have to decide additional cases relating to the special House investigation into the Jan. 6 attack.
In January, the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s argument that executive privilege prevented the Jan. 6 panel from accessing a trove of records from the Trump White House. Thomas was the only justice who indicated the court should grant Trump’s motion to block the National Archives from handing over the material.
“Justice Thomas was the sole member of the Supreme Court who would have allowed records from Trump, Meadows, et al to be withheld from House Jan 6 Committee,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) tweeted Friday. “He did not explain his reasoning. We need answers.”
“At the bare minimum, Justice Thomas needs to recuse himself from any case related to the January 6th investigation,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said, “and should Donald Trump run again, any case related to the 2024 election.”

The Select Committee investigating the coup attempt and insurrection has been considering calling Nazi Ginni in for testimony. So far, they've been too politically scared to. Activists are more interested in seeing Clarence Thomas impeached and removed than in seeing Congress debating toothless, unenforceable ethics rules for the Supreme Court.