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Make A Difference-- Help Defeat Trump & Li'l Marco

A new Quinnipiac poll was released today. You can read the whole thing here if you want to. I just want to bring up a couple of points from it. First off, registered voters give Biden a negative 40 - 51% job approval rating. At the same time disapproval of the way congressional Republicans are handling their jobs is extremely high. Just 23% approval; 65% disapprove. Congressional Democrats did a bit better-- the lesser evil: 30% approve and 60% disapprove. Biden's favorable rating among all Americans is 38% and his unfavorable rating is 50%. Trump is about the same-- 39% favorable and 52% unfavorable.

The second point comes from a question they asked about 2024. 58% of Americans say they don't want Trump to run again and only 35% want him to. Among Republicans, however, that is drastically reversed. 78% of Republicans want Trump to run again and just 16% do not. (Among independents, 35% want to see him run and 58% do not want him to.) Horrifyingly 41% of Americans (versus 51%) believe Trump had a mainly positive impact on American politics. [I should just move back to Holland.] How is this possible? Obviously, it is mostly uneducated people who think Trump had a positive impact. Among college graduates 60% said Trump had a negative impact. The other 40% should be required to hand back their diplomas.

This afternoon, former Orlando Congressman Alan Grayson, the progressive candidate running for the Senate seat occupied by Marco Rubio, explained this by noting that "The vast majority of Republicans have fallen victim to the Stockholm Syndrome. They have positive feelings toward Donald Trump, their captor, despite the fact that Trump holds their party hostage, and his self-absorbed, lying stupidity has killed off 300,000+ of them."

Listen to how many of Trump’s Stockholm Syndrome victims are complaining about “social justice warriors,” the “cancel culture,” the “border crisis,” “critical race theory,” two suicide bombings in Kabul, “Stop the Steal,” “the Democratic attack on the suburbs,” and “defunding the police.” In lieu of talking about rebuilding our roads, schools and bridges; universal high-speed internet; expanding Medicare to cover eyes, ears and teeth; power generation that won’t cause more climate catastrophes; universal pre-K school and free public college; affordable day care for everyone; legalizing marijuana; and protecting a woman’s Right to Choose.
The Stockholm Syndrome refers to a 1973 bank robbery, when the robbers locked four captives in a bank vault for six days. The robbers told the captives-- falsely-- that the police were constantly putting them in danger. When the captives were released, they refused to testify against the robbers, and even raised money for their captors’ defense. In short, they were brainwashed-- just like Trump has done to a huge number of GOP voters today.
They’re stuck on Trump’s message, his message of pathological lies. We have to stick to our message, the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number.

Wall Street Democrat Chuck Schumer, the brilliant strategist who recruited Kyrsten Sinema, cleared the field for her and financed her campaign, has a whole slate of crap-candidates from the Sinema wing of the party, he wants to persuade Democrats to nominate for lesser-of-two-evils campaigns. One is in Florida, a middle of the road nothingburger named Val Demings. She is eager-- for the prestige that comes with being a senator-- for the career promotion. Doe she have anything to offer Floridians? Well, she's been in Congress since 2017 and hasn't accomplished one single thing other than holding onto a deep blue district in 2 reelections. That isn't what being in Congress is about. When Grayson was in Congress, he passed more legislation than any other member, not more than any other Florida member or more than any Democratic member-- more than any member. Period. He was always on every progressives list of the 5 best members of Congress while he served, although the bad guys-- from the Koch Brothers to No Labels spent millions of dollars annually trying to persuade the gullible that he was the worst thing on the planet, the way they do with AOC now. Know your candidates by who hates them with the most passion. And in Alan Grayson's case... please contribute to his campaign here. Replacing Marco Rubio with Alan Grayson would be nothing short of game-changing. Demings has nothing to offer anyone and won't win and if she did-- if, for example, Trump tells his fans to boycott the election and Rubio loses-- Demings would have one impact: the same one she has in the House, another vote for the Democratic status quo. That's it; nothing more, nothing less.


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