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MAGAzine Promotion Ends Tomorrow-- It's Now Or Never!

It's not a contest if everyone wins. And that's the case with this promotion for 13 candidates running for Congress this year. This is the simplest promotion we ever ran. Just contribute at least $40 to one single candidate-- not split between several candidates-- and Blue America will send you one of the MAGAzines, which are not otherwise available. That simple. (You can also contribute more than $40 if you want, just as long as one candidate gets at least $40.)

So what's the MAGAzine? I teamed up with award-winner political cartoonist, Nancy Ohanian to produce a look back over the last year or two at America's politics. Nancy's beautiful pictures tell the story of the Trump Regime and the resistance to it. Blue America loses considerable money on each copy so this really is your one opportunity to get yourself a copy. Here's the page to enter. This promotion will end tomorrow night, so take a look and see if it's something you'd like to be part of. You can also click on either of the MAGAzine graphics to be taken to the ActBlue page to join the promotion.

And remember, these make great presents for anyone-- whether they love MAGA World or-- if you know normal people-- they hate MAGA. Honestly, I've shown a couple of Trumpists the MAGAzine and, either because they didn't understand it or because they have more of a sense of humor than I imagined, they loved it and wanted a copy-- although baled at contributing to a progressive running for Congress! And yes, if you contribute $80 to two different candidates, you get two copies of the MAGAzine... and if you contribute $400 to 10 different candidates, you get 10 copies. Go ahead... click on the imagine:

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