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MAGA Republicans Are Trying To Overturn The Results Of Arizona's Midterms

One of the hallmarks of fascism is that fascists don’t accept election results that don’t go their way. And in Arizona this month, it did not go their way. So it should surprise no one that Arizona fascists are demanding they be installed in the offices they didn't win or— at the very minimum— that the elections be re-run. Republican Governor Doug Ducey, an ultra-conservative but not a fascist, has already publicly congratulated Democrat Katie Hobbs for winning the gubernatorial race, a result certified by AP after all the ballots were counted. Señor Trumpanzee took his make-believe Twitter platform yesterday:

The attorney general race hasn’t been called yet— too close— but the Trumpist candidate, Abraham Hamadeh, filed law suits against everyone in sight as soon as Kris Mayes pulled ahead of him, though it’s just by 510 votes:

People were more familiar with the secretary of state contest and extreme MAGA lunatic Mark Finchem was one of election night’s biggest losers.

Although, speaking of the night’s big losers, we can’t forget fascist billionaire Peter Thiel’s gigantic loss, after spending something like $30 million to buy his rumored ex-lover, Blake Masters, a Senate seat. Masters got fewer votes than even Finchem!! Arizona voters really rejected his extremism.

But the fascist loser squawking the loudest is the crackpot MAGAt who Trump ran for the open governor’s office, Kari Lake, an obvious sociopath to anyone who was paying attention. She got a lot of votes, but more people voted against her and Katie Hobbs beat her by 17,116 votes.

It’s funny; the CO-03 race is the closest one in the country and hasn’t been called yet, although QAnon nutcase and fascist Lauren Boebert is slightly ahead. It’s the closest congressional race in the country.The overwhelmingly Republican district (PVI- R+7) giving Boebert 163,832 votes (50.08%) and giving Democrat Adam Frisch 163,278 votes (49.92%)— just 554 votes (0.06%) separating them. But is Frisch running around screeching like a chicken without a head that Boebert stole the election? Even though many people think she and her allies did, Frisch conceded that he lost and is looking forward to 2024.

If Lake were to get her way— she won’t— and they were to re-run the election, does that mean they would have to run all the Arizona races over, including the state legislative races, where the GOP maintained their majorities? Look at the Senate race in the Oro Valley, Marina, Vail and Saddlebrook. An extreme MAGA freak and QAnon devotee— who knocked out the relatively normal GOP state Senator, Vince Leach in the primary— Justine Wadsack is slightly ahead of Democrat Mike Nickerson. Does anyone hear him demanding a new election? Of course not; that’s what fascists do, not normal people. Yesterday, Maricopa County supervisors voted unanimously to certify their election canvass, defying Trump's and Lake's spurious objections. The majority of the board are Republicans, but Lake is already grifting off the decision, asking her supporters to send her money. Meanwhile Cochise County, a rural red hellhole that went for Trump 56.6% to 39.1% and that gave Lake an 18 point lead, is refusing, for no particular reason, to certify their results. Ironically, the candidates negatively impacted by this stupidity are all Republicans.




besides yearning for nazis to be installed, this is the nazis keeping the "stolen election" iron in the fire. If they didn't keep whining about lost elections being stolen, what would desantis (or trump) use as an excuse to suspend elections and democracy permanently in 2024, even if they win or can steal it (via fake electors)?

If they lose, it'll be another insurrection. better done this time and in states as well as DC. who's gonna do anything about it?

your illustration about democraps rolling over might say something you don't want said -- that democraps are just pussies.

if they lose a close one, why not at least ask for a recount? you know... like gore or $hillbillary…

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