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MAGA Extremism May Work Fine In Marjorie Traitor Greene's Backward District, But That's About It

Trump Destroyed GOP Hopes In New Hampshire

Trump's kiss of death was especially bad in New Hampshire

Republicans had a great chance to to win the New Hampshire Senate seat. Democrat Maggie Hassan was the weakest incumbent this cycle. She’s never been very popular and her record in the Senate was excruciatingly bad, even working with the Republicans to tank the minimum wage increase, which failed thanks to her, Sinema, Manchin and some other scumbags. All far right crackpot Don Bolduc would have had to do to win was keep his trap shut. He couldn’t. He spouted fascist nonsense and lost— big.

And as Bolduc was losing such a winnable race, Republican gubernatorial incumbent Chris Sununu was winning— big. There were a lot of Sununu voters who made a decision to not cast ballots for the Republican Party's Senate candidate, the crazy MAGA guy still denying the results of the 2020 presidential election... and to not cast ballots for the equally insane, delusional congressional candidates

The two MAGA crackpots who ran in New Hampshire’s two congressional seats both lost. In fact, neither came close. Chris Pappas beat Karoline Leavitt 54-46% and Robert Burns got wiped out by Ann Kuster 55.9-44.1%. Their combined total was around 50,000 votes fewer than Sununu. Sununu ran on a mainstream conservative platform. Leavitt, Burns and Bolduc ran on extreme MAGA platforms that are not popular in New Hampshire, a state with a 400-seat state legislature that has so far elected 200 Republicans, 199 Democrats and one seat that is exactly tied.

On Saturday, Sununu spoke at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual meeting and urged the party stalwarts there to stop supporting unelectable candidates like Bolduc, Leavitt and Burns. Echoing Mitch McConnell, he told them news that people working on and investing in the Georgia runoff don’t want to hear: “Candidate quality matters. Holy cow, have we learned that one the tough way… I want to talk about two things in the limited time I have. One is policy and that’s important but the more important one is winning… I got a great policy for the Republican Party. Let’s stop supporting crazy, unelectable candidates in our primaries and start getting behind winners that can close the deal in November.”

Sununu didn’t mention Trump by name but he did blame Senators Lindsey Graham and Rick Scott for the disappointing midterm results, pointing out Graham’s national abortion ban proposal and Scott’s proposal to defund Social Security and Medicare, colossally unpopular positions that frightened many voters— and increased anti-Republican turnout.

Chris Christie, on the other hand, did mention Trump by name in his presentation yesterday. "It is time to stop whispering. It is time to stop being afraid of any one person. It is time to stand up for the principles and the beliefs that we have founded this party on and this country on. We keep losing and losing and losing. And the fact of the matter is the reason we’re losing is because Donald Trump has put himself before everyone else."


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