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Jonathan Tasini Meets Shervin Aazami

Jonathan does a great job on his podcast, Working Life. This week, his guest was progressive congressional candidate Shervin Aazami, who's running for a San Fernando Valley congressional seat held by corporate Democrat Brad Sherman. Today, he introduced his segment with a few words about why he's running. Please watch the clip and consider contributing to his campaign by clicking on the 2022 Blue America congressional thermometer at the bottom.

We Need Structural Reforms To Save Our Planet, Uplift Working Families & End Corporate Welfare

-by Shervin Aazami

The San Fernando Valley is my hometown. As an activist and health policy analyst, I've devoted my entire life to fighting for social justice through the lens of public health-- whether through mutual aid work with our low-income community members, or directly through policy advocacy with lawmakers to enact solutions like single-payer healthcare. While advocating on Capitol Hill, I fought successfully for legislation that delivered hundreds of millions to communities hardest hit by the opioid overdose crisis, guaranteed long-term funding for community health centers, and eliminated out of pocket healthcare expenses for Native American Veterans. These achievements are important-- but nowhere near the structural reforms we need to save our planet, uplift working families, and end corporate welfare. My community deserves congressional leadership that fights on the frontlines for our values and needs, not someone who fights in jest. We don't have time for small ideas and incremental changes. We are running a people-first campaign to enact single-payer Medicare for All, guarantee housing as a human right, achieve climate justice through a Green New Deal, and establish a humane, decriminalized immigration system.

I have proudly taken the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge, No Cop Money pledge, Patients Over Profits pledge, and the Green New Deal pledge. These pledges are part of my commitments to my community to run a corporate-free and 100% people-powered campaign to save our democracy.

I am running to represent my hometown-- California's 30th District-- in the 2022 midterms. Our people-first movement is growing stronger each and every day. We are not only speaking truth to power, we are demanding power for the working class. Join us at

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