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Jimmy Kimmel Handed Lauren Boebert's Opponent A Classic Video Take-Down-- If She Has An Opponent

Kimmel set it up by mentioning that Boebert, a high school drop out and a babbling moron, "wears glasses to make it seem that she can read." He then got to the point: "Some of these videos she makes are so unbelievably over the top, it’s hard to believe this person exists. They seem like sketches from Saturday Night Live. So much so that we went out on the street and we showed some people passing by clips of her actual videos-- these are her videos. We told them they were from Saturday Night Live last weekend and asked if they thought SNL had been too mean. And wouldn't you know it-- we found all sorts of people who thought her real videos were written comedy bits." Now you gotta watch the hilarious video:

Yesterday, was also in Boebertworld, asking "What does U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert have in common with obnoxious kids on the internet? A fundamental ignorance of how Congress works, suggests Teague Bohlen in his most recent Boebert Watch, as well as pushing mean-girl rhetoric on Bullet Points, her new weekly web series. In the first installment, she labels President Joe Biden "a traitor'-- a bold move coming from someone who posted 'Today is 1776' the morning of the domestic terrorism attack on the Capitol and is still defending the actual treachery committed that day-- and in criticizing Pete Buttigieg's parental leave, also mentions that 'I delivered one of my children in the front seat of my truck because as a mom of four, we got things to do.'" It's a shame she didn't mention that she had conceived 3 of her 4 children on that very same front seat of that truck.

The newly redrawn Colorado congressional maps are so favorable to Boebert that her Democratic opponents have started dropping out. Kerry Donovan was one of the top contenders but her home in no longer in the now prohibitively red district:

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