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It Would Be A Blessing For Congress To Lose Sean Patrick Maloney & A Tragedy To Lose Mondaire Jones

Jamaal Bowman, Sean Patrick Maloney, Mondaire Jones

Grotesquely corrupt Wall Street darling and current DCCC Chair, New Dem Sean Patrick Maloney has the 10th worst voting record of any House Democrat— right between Kurt Schrader who was defeated in a primary a few weeks ago and Chris Bustos, his spectacularly failed predecessor at the DCCC. Maloney pushed the state legislature to come up with the most gerrymandered map in America, hideously unfair to Republicans. A judge responded by throwing it out and creating a map that targets incumbent Democrats, but, ironically not Maloney. His district (NY-18) went from an even partisan lean, to a safer D+3. But Maloney wasn’t satisfied with that measly advantage.

Immediately after the new map was unveiled he announced he was moving one district south, the NY-17, which was redrawn with a D+7 partisan lean (down from a D+17 lean). The problem with that move is that it pushed rising progressive superstar Mondaire Jones out of his Westchester/Rockland County district. Maloney, whose job is to protect Democratic imcumbents, flippantly told Jones to suck it up and go primary fellow-progressive Jamaal Bowman in southern Westchester. Progressives have gotten behind popular state Senator Alessandra Biaggi’s primary challenge to Maloney. (You can contribute to Biaggi’s campaign here.)

Admirably, Jones passed on Maloney’s suggestion to primary Bowman and instead found an open seat, NY-10, one of the bluest in America, that spans Lower Manhattan and northwest Brooklyn. The problem with that is that it’s nowhere near Jones’ district, has no connection to Jones at all and , worst of all, it has some excellent local officials already running for the seat. I thought Jones should have stayed put and fought the odious Maloney. And now a new poll of the 10th district pretty much says the same thing. Jones isn’t running anywhere near the top of the pack.

City&State published the Data For Progress poll, which has a margin of error of 4%, yesterday:

  • Undecided- 27%

  • City Councilwoman Carlina Rivera- 17%

  • Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou- 14%

  • Levi-Strauss heir and House impeachment lawyer Daniel Goldman- 12%

  • Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman- 9%

  • Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon- 8%

  • Congressman Mondaine Jones- 7%

  • Former Mayor Bill de Blasio- 5%

  • Former City Councilwoman Maud Maron- 1%

These last two questions asked of respondents should give me a better idea of who the voters are in this district:

Recent developments in the race include an endorsement from the Working Families Party for Yuh-Line Niou, which means she’ll be on the ballot in November no matter what happens in the primary next month. She has also been endorsed by the Sunrise Movement. Meanwhile Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, SEIU 1199 and Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez endorsed Carlina Rivera. Jones has been endorsed by Jamie Raskin, Cory Booker, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus, DFA, Our Revolution, all the big LGBTQ organizations (other than Jim Owles, which is backing Rivera), and the National Nurses United.

A couple of days ago the NY Post had some updated, but incomplete, finance reports and this is going to be one of those primary campaigns where millions of dollars are spent. In the last quarter Jones raised $524,000 and de Blasio raised almost as much— $509,850. Jones has around $2.9 million to spend on the August 23 race. Goldman had already reported that in just the month of June his campaign had raked in $1.2 million. Holtzman raised around $125,000.

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