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It’s Insane That Someone Who Is So Glaringly Unfit & Unable To Do The Job Of President…

…Could Get Anywhere Near The Oval Office... Again

Earlier today we looked at some of the wisdom of Jonathan Pie. He usually does commentary on British stuff. After all, he is British and so is most of his audience. But last month he released this video just below that, though meant for a British audience, is all about Señor Trumpanzee and our 2024 election. It’s worth watching, if only to contemplate how the rest of the (non-fascist) world sees us. Here, watch and we’ll talk briefly after:

Alan Grayson is the progressive Democrat running for the Florida U.S. Senate seat occupied by Rick Scott, one of the few Republicans so out of touch that he admits he wants to “sunset” Social Security and Medicare. But Chuck Schumer has his own worthless candidate who has exactly no chance at all to beat Scott, a one-(unmemorable)-term Democratic congresswoman who couldn’t even hold one of the only blue seats in the state. And now Schumer— not taking Pie’s advise about how candidate quality matters— is determined to run her for the Senate, knowing full well she has absolutely no chance whatsoever.

Anyway, after we talked about Jonathan Pie, I asked Grayson how he liked the Patriotic Millionaires confab in Washington last week. He he did like it— and quite a lot:

“The hardest part of life for many Americans these days,” he said, “is distinguishing fact from fiction, and important from nonsensical— and that’s been true ever since Rush Limbaugh and Roger Ailes grabbed for our eyes and ears (while Donald Trump reached for other parts). A meeting of the Patriotic Millionaires makes that easy, though. This is what you see and hear:”


  • “Pay the people. Any job should pay enough to live on, or it’s just exploitation for profit.”

  • “End the ‘bracket racket’– rich people should pay more, because they have more.”

  • “No money is the root of all evil.”

  • “The way to make everyone better off is to make everyone better off.”  

  • For those of us who are seriously committed to making the world a better place, these aren’t just words, they’re music.

If you’d like to help Grayson replace Rick Scott as Florida’s other senator— reactionaries already have Rubio; they don’t need two— please consider contributing what you can here. He was arguably the best member of the House when he was serving there and there is no reason to believe he won't be a game-changing U.S. senator.


There are many reasons why Trump could win. Here's an especially recent one:

Earlier this month Responsible Statecraft’s Paul Pillar wrote up a solid argument that Netanyahu stands a lot to gain personally from drawing the US into a war with Iran to help him with his legal and political troubles and take the focus off of Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Whether that’s the case or not it’s pretty absurd for the Biden administration to just sit around passively hoping this doesn’t happen as though it wouldn’t have a say in the matter, and as though there’s nothing it can do to prevent such an occurrence right now. Biden has had the ability to end this insane cycle of escalation…

Apr 16
Replying to

You're making a pretty good case that biden (et al) are NOT the lesser evil here.

Maybe THAT is why trump will win.

But he doesn't have to win. They can and will field slates of fake electors. And they can and may stage a bigger, better, more heavily armed coup that MAY work.

Cuz, you know, your side hasn't done shit about the last times. yet. GA fake electors is pending. maybe.


Apr 15

It may be insane that someone as "glaringly unfit" as trump could get within sniffing distance of the oval office. But it is NOT unusual.

The pathological liar, racist, antisemite and treasonous nixon was unfit.

The intellectual pygmy and treasonous reagan was unfit.

The treasonous HW was unfit.

The intellectual pygmy, dry drunk and treasonous W (and cheney) also unfit.

The intellectual pygmy, lifetime racist, misogynist, antisemite, homophobe, rapist and fraudster pumpkinfuhrer was and is colossally unfit.

And the intellectually average lifetime racist misogynist corrupt dipshit biden was and is unfit.

Maybe "unfit" has been a prerequisite for the white house in this shithole since 1968? One of the last 2 shall be elected again.

Maybe the problem isn't the…


Apr 15

Grayson says much the same that FDR and J.M. Keynes and Democrats said... and DID... between 1933 and 1968.

But since slick willie convened the DLC and sold the democrap party to the big money in the early '80s, nearly everyone who has talked like that has been "graysoned" by the democrap party. It seems that such rhetoric is unwanted by your party any more. Certainly, your party has refused to ACT on any such rhetoric for 56 years and counting.

But it still sounds nice. Just wish there existed a party that would DO any of it.

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