If Christian Nationalists In Texas Secede, Let's Make Them Take North Dakota

Although the information isn't fully compiled, it appears that Texas contributed the most insurrectionists to Trump's failed 1/6 coup attempt. A plurality of people arrested and charged are from Texas. I sincerely doubt that will surprise anyone. Texas is full of nuts. Of the dozen states with the most people-- California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia-- Texas has the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rate. Although Georgia and Florida might contest this assertion, Texas also has the furthest right and most insane Republican Party and is at least as dedicated to bringing back Jim Crow as Georgia is.

The Texas GOP elected psychotic one-term congressman Allen West (R-FL) to run the state party and he's been running around falsely claiming that Texas has "the right" to secede. That was settled by the Civil War when Texas tried to secede, was beaten militarily by the United States and rejoined the union in 1870. Republican Party chair West says he supported a failed bill in the legislature to create a nonbinding referendum election on whether Texans should secede. He also argues that "Republican states" can band together to nullify laws passed by Congress they don't believe are constitutional. (It's worth noting that the North Dakota State House passed a resolution last month saying the state would only follow laws they deemed constitutional. North Dakota shouldn't be a state at all-- it was part of a Republican power play in 1889 during Benjamin Harrison's super-corrupt administration-- and it should be joined with South Dakota (and Wyoming) to form one shit state with 2 senators instead of 6-- and 2 House members instead of 3.

The Dakotas, Wyoming an Texas-- and the rest of the loony-toons Trump states-- fancy themselves "Christian." They're not, unless somehow christianity can be redefined in a way that leaves the Jesus part out. Christian Nationalism-- their faith, which has barely anything to do with actual Christianity-- has always been a racist faith and was for way too long the gospel of slavery and repression.

Jon Pavlovitz penned an essay a few days after the failed coup that looked at that more closely, The Terrorism in Jesus’ Name. "Right now," he wrote at the time, "millions of white Christians in America are in a fortified prison of our own design; the impenetrable walls fashioned from decades of privilege and denial, the bars made of false stories our parents and grandparents told us about how the world works, the perimeter wrapped by jagged layers of white supremacy and nationalism, and closely guarded by a fierce self-preservation that when all else, fails, will fight to allow us escape... What we’re witnessing in our nation is not protesting, it is not fighting for freedom, it is not a defense of life-- and it is certainly not reflecting Jesus. This is white domestic terrorism that was born in the Church and has been weaned on a theology of supremacy, and it needs to be destroyed."

"Christian Nationalists-- And The Rest Of Us" by Nancy Ohanian